03/30/2006 11:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Delay and Colbert

Not a headline one would expect, BUT, I was about to go onto The Colbert Report, my mind filled with the thousands of suggestions from Brave New Films fans around the world that were sent to my blog this week. And, in my transcendent state, Jesse Derris, brilliant press strategist, reaches over with a big smile-- "look at this." His ever present Blackberry had a message - Tom Delay was fundraising using the film THE BIG BUY.

Now the fact that Delay, a fundraising addict, was using the film made by Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck and being distributed by Brave New Films, was a new level in fundraising excess. In this case DeLay wasn't breaking the law, and he wouldn't go to jail, but it sure was damn desperate of him. I mean if his campaign for re-election is based on begging for dollars using this little documentary, he is in even worse trouble! (see his letter and the filmmaker's response here)

Fresh with the DeLay desperation I entered the Colbert stage, filled with visions of his standing in a Salvation Army outfit in front of local Wal-marts, holding up the THE BIG BUY and ringing the bell; 'Help Tom go back to D.C. - Give generously.' All fantasies end, and in this case, the reality of talking about DeLay the lawbreaker on Colbert, combined with DeLay's obsessive and increasingly desperate fundraising, gives hope for a big celebration come November when he is no longer in the House of Representatives. Then he can go on to his true calling, becoming an official lobbyist for corporations, not an unofficial one.