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How to Stop the Smears Against Obama

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The FOX smears are continuing and we need to stop them from spreading to the rest of the media.  Watch FOX's laughably inaccurate distortions, as they smear Barack Obama on everything from the economy to race to patriotism to flag pins. 

In the coming weeks, FOX will escalate its gross misrepresentations of Obama, and we know from painful past experience that some in the corporate media will spread FOX's canards by presenting them as fact.  We must stop the spread.

Now that you've had the chance to watch we need you to make sure everyone else sees the distortions as we work to stop them.  Sign our petition and demand FOX stop serving up blatant lies for the rest of the media to swallow.  It's critical that you send it to everyone you know, get it to your local newspapers and TV stations, and post it on blogs and networking sites. 

This is a game show because satires sometimes can be a powerful weapon.  Let's use it to make sure the media know that when it comes to Obama, The FOX Is Wrong!