01/10/2006 12:49 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPo Exclusive: Lee Scott's Confidential Christmas Memo Exposed

You would think by now that Lee Scott, the $13-million-a-year failed CEO of Wal-Mart, would know better than to send confidential memos to his employees, many of whom are happy to share them with those fighting Wal-Mart.

First he sent out talking points, telling managers how to talk about the film, and now a Christmas Cheer memo congratulating everyone on sales (oops, too early there Lee).

Here are my notes to Lee Scott on his secret Christmas Cheer memo. You can read the full memo here.

LEE SCOTT: "You've probably heard about or seen the anti-Wal-Mart video that they spent big money making and releasing in November."

I laughed so long and so hard at this one. Big money!? We spent $1.8 million over a year, while you spend $3.8 million every single day trying to convince everyone how much you care about them. Love your sense of humor!

You are right on one count--just about everyone has heard about the film. Thanks for instructing your store managers to tell all 1.6 million employees about it in October.

LEE SCOTT: "Hardly anyone saw it."

Huh? Just a second ago you said everyone had heard about the film, now hardly anyone has? At least a million people saw it in just a few weeks. 100,000 DVDs have blanketed the globe. All the major press outlets are raving about the film--The New York Times, LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, Boston Globe, Roger Ebert, CNN, NBC, etc. --reaching tens of millions. That's an awful lot of no one.

LEE SCOTT: "Our November sales prove that their biggest, most expensive propaganda campaign to date had no impact on Wal-Mart's performance. ... Protestors [sic]... didn't make a dent."

Whoops! Looks like someone counted their chickens a little too soon. Your Christmas sales were the worst in five years despite Garth Brooks, Beyonce and Queen Latifah throwing down on television for you. And those "protestors" [sic] could have been your customers. Homeowners, family business people, students and church goers all came together. Don't shoot the messengers.

LEE SCOTT: "Have a safe and happy holiday season."

Instead of empty platitudes, you could ensure a "safe and happy" holiday season by putting an end to the terrible crime wave in your parking lots. Your own employees told you all they need is a roving patrol at each store.

Let's cut the crap, Lee. Your stock keeps falling, and there is a reason. Be a responsible CEO. Fire the spin doctors, watch the film, and honestly consider what the real people affected by your corporation are saying. Your employees, shareholders and customers already are.