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One Thousand Americans Dead in Afghanistan

Lay this flower at the White House wall.

I have some sad news to share with you: As of today, 1,000 American troops have been killed in Afghanistan.

This is a heartbreaking toll on American families. These were people's sons and daughters, husbands and wives, moms and dads. Our hearts go out to all of their families.

The Afghanistan war is not making us more secure. To the contrary - terrorism has increased worldwide since the start of the war. Massive war spending--very soon to surpass $1 trillion--continues to cost us jobs and undermine economic recovery and prosperity at home. One thousand troops are dead, and our leaders have nothing to show for it but the prospect of another thousand dead.

Today, members of the Rethink Afghanistan community are marking this terrible milestone by posting this video at the White House Facebook page. We want the President and the American people to know that we abhor the awful cost of this war and want our troops to come home.

I hope you'll join us. Commemorate these 1,000 lives lost by laying this virtual flower at the White House.

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