07/18/2011 01:03 pm ET Updated Sep 17, 2011

Sarah Palin for Best Actress

Sarah Palin's movie opens with shots of celebrities like Matt Damon and Bill Maher wryly observing the oft repeated missive that she's basically unqualified for county dog catcher.

We didn't want celebrities to be the only ones to have a chance to weigh in on Palin, nor did we want her machine to get away with a flattering and one-sided portrayal of her tenure as governor. That's why we built a Palin avatar that interacts with you and reads your lines.

It's almost like the real thing or an empty pair of eyeglasses!

There have been some hilarious entries already and I'm pleased that so many people have adopted satire as a way to take Sarah's perceived strengths and use them against her.

If you haven't had a chance to play around with our Palin avatar, you can participate here.

There's a lot missing from her two-hour movie, and you need not read a review, let alone pay to see it to know the movie is detached from history and reality. It's not even playing in her home state, which seems to me to be a glaring omission given the movie glorifies her tenure there.

Her movie isn't about truth. It's all about media attention, and its backers openly admit it.

It credits her as a whistle-blower who exposed corruption in her state party. It doesn't use the word "socialist," but it lavishes praise on her ability to put her on the neck of corporations, then turn around and shower voters with a bonus check.

The film's backers hope these facts can drown out the more talked about contributions Palin's known for like denigrating the president, making millions from a compliant Roger Ailes and tweeting. Of course, this list, like her movie, omits many things that you might want to tell Palin yourself or vote for the best thing missing from her movie.

The news cycle is driven by clicks, and I think that's why Palin is talked about with so much regularity. We can't stop the presses, but we can add our voices to the conversation and try and refocus it on the multiple inaccuracies and omissions in her film.

Sarah Palin is not funny, and her influence on our democracy is even less so. But we can use humor to undercut her faux populism and appeal, so add your voice and tell Sarah what's missing from her movie.

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