06/30/2010 09:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stuck on Stupid: Big Oil Says NO to Green Jobs

First there was the Gulf Oil Disaster. And now there is the unemployment disaster caused by the first disaster. As we try to clean up the Gulf, we also need to address the unemployment mess left by Big Oil's recklessness. We're trapped in a destructive cycle of cleaning up after Big Oil, and this cycle is hurting our environment and our economy. It's time we break free and demand Clean Energy and Green Jobs Now!

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Despite the severity of the crisis in the Gulf, this won't be the last such disaster until we transition to a clean energy economy. There is no longer any room for excuses. Addiction to oil is harming our environment and, as the above video shows, also harming our economy and the long-term stability of the job market. But there could be a better ending to this story.

America has led in innovation before. We went from horse and buggy to the automobile. We went from the telegraph to the telephone. And now we must lead in transitioning from oil addiction to a clean energy economy. The solution to our destructive addiction to oil is clean energy, and Congress must show true leadership in creating it.

Watch the above video, sign our petition, and tell Congress that you want them to act on green energy solutions, and that you'll be in their offices, at their town halls and on their phones this summer to check on their progress!

Join us in our effort to fight against Big Oil and to create Clean Energy and Green Jobs!