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Robert Piper


A Simple Practice That Can Make You Happy

Posted: 09/04/2012 12:10 am

One of the greatest tools for happiness and a positive state of mind is meditation, there's a reason why it's been used for thousands of years by Eastern cultures. Over and over again in countless scientific studies, meditation has been shown to strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, and build strong positive emotions. I hear people saying all the time, "I would love to do meditation, but I don't have the time."

You come home from work, and then all of the sudden your kids are telling you they need to be taken to soccer practice. So you cook them dinner and then rush them to practice. I suggest you develop a strategy of incorporating small two-minute meditations into your life. Each day, you start fresh -- you start with maybe only two minutes and then slowly work yourself up to more.

Meditation will help build a strong and resilient brain that will protect you from future episodes of stress. As in any practice, it takes discipline, but that discipline will pay off tremendously for the well-being of your health. You can't expect to try meditation once and all of a sudden be the happiest person in the world. Start with two minutes, then go to five minutes, then to 20 minutes and beyond.

Here's a Very Simple Meditation

A simple meditation practice is to close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breathing, without trying to control your breathing. Use a non-judgmental awareness when accessing this state.

Here are four ways you can incorporate a two-minute meditation practice into your life.

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  • 1. In The Office

    Set up an alarm at the same time every day to remind yourself to do meditation. Then put your phone on silent and close the door. One way to incorporate a practice into your day is to do it during your lunch break. Or you can get to your office a few minutes early and do two to five minutes of meditation for clarity. Another strategy is to become conscious of early stress responses. If you find yourself starting to become stressed at work, immediately slow down and bring your awareness to your breathing.

  • 2. In The Car

  • 3. While Waiting

    I do meditation all the time while I'm waiting in line at a grocery store. Remember that you don't have to do meditation with your eyes closed all the time. You can do meditation just by bringing your awareness to your breathing while you're waiting, which will put you in a more centered and balanced state. Try this whenever you're waiting at the bus stop, while sitting in traffic, or even in the parking lot while you're waiting to pick someone up.

  • 4. Before Bed

    I find doing meditation right before bed to be extremely beneficial. It can help greatly improve your sleep. I also recommend, if you're having trouble going sleep, to get out of bed and do some meditation. Find a time to schedule meditation sessions, and do it every night at the same time.

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