12/03/2010 09:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Make Them Filibuster

I want to scream. What in the hell is wrong with the Democrats?

The House has done as it should and passed the extension of the tax cut for the middle class without extending the tax cut for the rich.

But everyone in the media is saying, "It's just a symbolic action, because the Democrats would need Republican votes to pass it in the Senate."

What must be done is obvious: Harry Reid has to bring the House bill up for a vote and let the Senate Republicans filibuster it. None of this hand-wringing stuff about, "Oh, we don't have 60 votes, so we can't have a vote."

Make the Republicans really filibuster a bill that would prevent a tax increase for more than 98 percent of Americans.

The Republicans wouldn't dare to do it -- and if they did, it would be even better for the Democrats.

If there is a reason why this approach wouldn't work, I'd like to hear Senator Reid and President Obama tell us what it is.

If Obama and the Senate Democrats don't force the Republicans to make their complete allegiance to the hyper-rich more evident than ever by bringing this bill to the Senate floor, they will show themselves to be utterly pathetic.

It's a no-lose situation for Democrats, yet they seem afraid to stand up for their convictions even when they cannot lose.

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