08/27/2013 05:01 pm ET | Updated Oct 27, 2013

Say, 'Yes'

When I came to a career crossroads many years ago, I decided to say "Yes" to any opportunity before me. Consequently, I did a lot of odd jobs in friends' businesses: worked in a UPS store (shipping bicycles was very difficult); did food catering (it pays well and I ate well); and baked pastries for a deli (I enjoyed the taste-testing).

I also said "Yes" when an unknown recruiter called about a job where I had no interest, and "Yes" to the hiring manager for the editing role even though I no longer wanted to write.

After I got the job -- and for most days in the last 8 ½ years -- I am glad that I adopted my "philosophy of yes." Yes has opened up more doors for me than I could ever imagine; not just with the initial job, but to people I would have never dreamed of meeting, opportunities that would have never been within reach, knowledge that I could have never gained elsewhere, and untold experiential riches.

So, when a friend needs help, a stranger emails, a recruiter leaves a message, an opportunity that falls outside of your comfort zone arises, say "Yes," and go along for the ride.

What unexpectedly good things have happened as a result of saying, "Yes?"