02/14/2012 03:06 pm ET | Updated Feb 16, 2012

The Meaning of Love

Broken promises surround those who look for love in the wrong places. When the person who promised to be there forever is not around anymore, when the pursuit of happiness loses its appeal, or when the passion that fueled your commitment cools, what then? Where is the meaning of love in those moments? Instead of looking for love, let's have and possess love; let's claim the love we've been shown and the love we've known. Claim the greatest, highest sense of love as your own, and then show that love to others.

As humans, we consistently take the infinite and subject it to our finite understanding. We try to know familial love, romantic love, infatuation, lust, passion, and desire, with the hope that true love lives around the corner. We try to divorce love from people by loving jobs, money, status, objects, and appearances. We try the opposite and look for love in people through relationships, friendships, socializing, and sex. We fail, spectacularly and repeatedly, to realize that none of those things are love. Even following your dreams, your heart, and your calling are merely noble ideas compared to love's great, uncontainable force. Sooner or later, the things we mistakenly call by love's name will reveal themselves to be incapable of holding that value.

Love is everlasting and seeks expression. Love is deep and incomprehensible. True love has eternal, unfailing depth and worth. Love with and through your art, your relationships, and your dreams, rather than seeking meaning in those things alone. To know love and to show love is to believe in eternal value.

Seek that which is enduring and everlasting.

The Meaning of Love: A Speaking Pixels Story, by Rog Walker and Bianca Pandit
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