12/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Jul 06, 2011

Defending Sarah Palin

As noted on the HuffPo, Carl Cameron of Fox News gave a breathless report on some staffers on the McCain campaign who are now taking cheap shots at Sarah Palin. Having defended Wal-Mart, Alec Baldwin and Ann Coulter on the HuffPo, I'd like to now offer some thoughts in Palin's defense.

Cameron reported that Sarah Palin, fresh from the shower, opened the door for a staffer in her bathrobe. And they're complaining? Hello!! I would pay good money to see that. These unnamed cowards found that "uncommon." It seems to me it would be a problem if that sort of occurrence were "common." At least the Democrats who attacked Palin had the courage to give us their names. Are you listening Nicolle Wallace?

The problem these ingrates have is they have to blame someone for the loss, plus they know she is a threat to their potential employers in 2012. No Republican I know cared about the McCain campaign at all until Palin was picked. Palin's solo rallies always outdrew McCain's. In Florida she drew 18,000 to a rally at a location where Biden pulled 2,000 the next week. She earned Saturday Night Live their best ratings in years. She drew a Super Bowl sized audience for her debate with Biden. Perversely for Republicans this helped Biden because tens of millions watched who wouldn't have if McCain had picked say... Tom Ridge or that Pawlenty dude. This immense TV exposure helped Biden because he was likeable and was a complete gentleman during the debate. Americans like gentlemen. Gentlemen don't anonymously leak stories about someone who just busted her ass for 8 weeks on their behalf. Are you listening Steve Schmidt?

Cameron reported Palin "didn't know Africa was a continent." Right. It was actually a comment on southern vs. South Africa. Whatever. She bought a lot a clothes. Big deal, she looked great in them. I call that an investment that paid good dividends, aside from the press reporting on it, which was the result of... a McCain staffer leak. It was money well spent, as opposed to money spent hiring Beltway Republican "advisors." These same advisors made the whole election about freaking William Ayers. Epic fail.

Without Palin, McCain would have carried maybe 7 states. But she energized the base, despite her pratfalls. People started giving money and manning phone banks. Conservatives love her. Beltway Republicans don't, but they are corrupt and all need to be flushed out in a giant conservative colonic. Beltway Republicans had complete power and squandered it. Republicans need to get back to basics. Palin is gold in the red states, and is just the reboot conservatives will need. We don't need more John Boehner, Mitt Romney, or Lindsey Graham.

Castration anxiety sufferer Carl Cameron also says Sarah Palin made staffers cry. Mean old Sarah. I'd make staffers cry too if I were as badly mishandled as she was. They're lucky she didn't shoot them from a helicopter with a tranq dart. In two weeks Sarah Palin went from nobody to giving a show-stopping convention address. That's pressure. Especially when your teleprompter malfunctions. But she handled it because she has big brass balls. Beltway Republicans don't. The thumb-sucking leakers to Fox sure don't. Are you listening Mark Wallace? (Nicolle's husband BTW and also on the campaign).

If you think I'm picking on Nicolle Wallace, I am. She used to work with Katie Couric and insisted on the three infamous interviews with her, refusing many conservative news organizations. It's not paranoia if everyone is out to get you. "Wasilla hillbillies" is a phrase tailor made for her mouth.

Sarah Palin had two weeks prep to go nationwide. Obama had four years to do so since his convention speech in 2004, and he's the best in the business now. Therein lies the problem for the Republican Palin-haters. They worry how good she'll be in 4 years. But with the Republicans as feckless as they are right now, Palin might as well wait until 2016. Obama is going to have an easy 8.