Democrat Calls Republicans "Knuckle Dragging Neanderthals." Is Berlusconi One Too? You Bet!

Take Note, Take Note Oh World! - Democrat Alan Grayson "calls out lying Repugs on CNN" - and truth tellers and seekers the world over, like those trying to oust Italy's neanderthal, Silvio Berlusconi, ought study his technique!


Grayson tells it like it is and the way it needs to be told. His approach represents the prototype of how to promote a positive agenda and take on what has become the modern day Karl Rove version of the old Mussolini Repubblichini - those loyal to and who fought for Mussolini against anti-fascist Italians after Mussolini was deposed (recall Rove's master plan of essentially creating one-party Republican rule tied to corporate control, i.e. fascism). This includes the "Kinder, Gentler Fascism" the GOP (aping its Italian political cousins) has spawned and the mainstream media has helped legitimate.

After all, Rove/Bush/Cheney and the Republican clan were deposed and Obama is now our President. Yet those loyal to these scoundrels, like those loyal to Mussolini and Mussolini wannabee, Berlusconi, continue to fight on, full of fascistic fervor, for the most "Neanderthal" social, cultural, political, and economic components of their agenda.

Of course, the media compliantly confers respectability on this agenda by giving it equal status if not more currency than Obama's, bequeathing it the title of conservatism rather than that of fascism, which it rightly deserves.

And the media continues to countenance the mobs that show up at Town Hall meetings with their kids in tow, unconcealed weapons, and hateful slogans -- successfully intimidated many Democratic lawmakers into dropping the public option for health care. The media called them "grassroots activists," rehabilitating their image, actions, and history, which includes terrorist Timothy McVeigh and the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building. Remember when Republicans controlled Congress after McVeigh's terrorist bombing killed 167 and injured hundreds more of his fellow Americans? Rather than aggressively pursue hearings into the bombing, Republicans fueled the flames, legitimating McVeigh's sentiments by pursuing hearings into the Clinton administration's handling of the raid on Waco, Texas.

Republicans knew that McVeigh was upset about the Federal Government's raid on Waco and used it as an excuse to blow up the Federal building. But more importantly, they knew he was connected to key Republican constituencies - the militia movement, and those that have become the Town Hall and "Tea Party" mobs, "birthers," "deathers," and anti-ACORN fanatics of today. That's why they tried to hide these facts from the public -- so the fascist movement would retain its air of legitimacy.

Yet, whenever anyone dares describe them as mobs, like Nancy Pelosi and some in the media, the Republicans immediately denounced Pelosi et al as "fascist" and "racist." Their strategy seems to use the words "fascist" and "racist" against liberals and the left in order to insulate themselves from these charges, hurling them first and ferociously and deliberately inverting and distorting their meaning.

Significantly, Italy seems to be reciprocally grappling with some similar influences and dynamics, which include over sixty years of American right-wing meddling in their affairs. Most recent examples include (a) Karl Rove's involvement with Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, who along with his political partners, the "post-fascist" National Alliance, are pushing to rehabilitate the image of the Repubblichini and Mussolini fascism, just as the Republicans are doing in the U.S. with the followers of McVeigh and mobs at the Town Hall meetings, and (b) key Rove and Bush adviser, infamous neo-con, and Republican "intellectual" guru Michael Ledeen.

Of note, Ledeen not only apparently plagiarized the writings of Italian fascist, F.T. Marinetti, so enamored he is reported to be of Italian fascism, but he is also reputedly linked to some of Italy's most notorious, feared, and shadowy right-wing groups. Ledeen seems to believe that the black shirted Mussolini thugs and the mob serve as prototypes for pushing for "positive" change in the U.S. Hence the thuggery we see at the Town Halls and the image remaking and utilization of the American "militia movement," which is growing by leaps and bounds. As in the U.S., Ledeen and Rovian "advice" to Berlusconi is to also essentially bankrupt the federal treasury and/or de-fund essential public services, like education, health-care, transportation, emergency management, etc. while scapegoating immigrants for the additional costs and burdens placed on society. Of course, the ultimate goal is to privatize as much of the public sector as possible -- doling out as many private contracts to political supporters as one can get away with -- whether or not they happen to be criminal enterprises -- and to do so by abusing all of the levers of the democratic political process, evidence planting, intimidation, destroying opponents, and behind the scenes bureaucratic machinations. That's what earned Rove the title of "the architect."

Such is the portfolio not only of Rove and Ledeen, but the right-wing's flagship think tank, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where Ledeen holds its most prestigious post -- the AEI "Freedom Chair." As Huffington Post readers know, AEI's global influence and privitization agenda knows no bounds. Nor does the deference paid to this neo-con refuge by American mainstream media -- despite how horribly wrong and complicit Ledeen and AEI were in helping lead the country into the Iraq disaster. Their primary propaganda project now is to rehabilitate the image and utilization of fascistic mob activism and extremism in the service of corporate conglomerate interests (e.g., Insurance, health care providers, big oil, etc.) and special interest foreign policy objectives.

They know that without these mobs and the intimidation/fear factor, the Rovian and Republican fascistic agenda would not survive the democratic political process nor objective media scrutiny. I believe that is a component of why their agenda includes reciprocally assisting their Italian proteges resurrect and rehabilitate the image of the Rupubblichini and why they so admire the mob (including, perhaps, the grande mob, or mafia).

Perhaps it's time to give the Republicans a couple of new names that better match what they've become: The GOP Republichini and the Nagger Party since it seems they've also become a bunch of naysaying naggers with nothing to say but "NO!" to any of the President's initiatives.

This is why Rep. Grayson referred to them as a bunch of "knuckle-dragging Neanderthals" and exposed their hidden health-care plan as essentially hoping that Americans without adequate coverage die quickly. He outed their agenda and the cruelty on which it's based. But then the CNN punks on "the Situation Room" tried to beat him down. They never did that to the GOP Repubblichini during all of their lying, predatory, death threatening, unethical actions, which continue to this very second. Grayson stood his ground against this onslaught of hypocrisy from Wolf Blitzer, Gloria Borgia, Alex Castellanos, and "Token Brotha"...and CNN needs to be taken to task for their own cruel double standard.

Especially since CNN spawned Glenn Beck and continues to give refuge to Lou Dobbs who daily dishes out Nagger Party lies and neanderthal lines like he was an outpost for Fox "Fact Free" News on "Americas Most Trusted Name in News." Sadly, it appears that CNN has become another Media Mouthpiece for Republican predation and the only thing it seems they can be trusted to do is continue their predatory ways. And regarding Grayson, MSNBC did their best to follow suit, except for their afternoon lineup of Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow. Of course, the rest of the mainstream media just fell in line with the CNN approach.

And this is part of the problem and why it's so hard for Dems to show backbone and stand strong -- the mainstream media has accepted as legitimate the role and identity of Republicans as predator and Democrats as prey. Therefore, anytime Dems veer from this media enforced script they catch hell while Repubs get a free ride!

Please study the vids and spread them around. I am adding the video of Grayson's comments on the floor of the Congress as well (shown on Keith Olbermann, including Keith's and Arianna Huffington's Commentary.) It also represents a prototype for confronting both Republican and Berlusconi predatory politics and economics and what Drew Westen, author of "The Political Brain" has long been advocating for.

Being progressives and promoting a positive agenda or Socio-Spiritual Liberation and Joyful Justice doesn't mean being wimpy. Nor do we need to seek a disembodied, abstract, "moral highground" when confronting these naggers with their fraudulent ACORN-birther-deather fetish. In other words, we don't need to pursue or preserve a fake image and idol of what it means to be progressive, positive, spiritual, and/or advocate Oneness and Unity.

So let's stop stooping and seeking security in pleasant platitudes and a false sense of superiority and instead be positively SPIRITED in the face of falsity and fascism. It's time to assert the truth with vigor and verve, seizing the joy of the moment - not just like Grayson, but like those Italians and their anti-fascist supporters who will loudly and proudly proclaim, "NO MORE BERLUSCONI. NO MORE NEANDERTHALS" at 2:00 pm on December 5th at Piazza della Repubblica in Rome. See you there!