08/11/2014 01:18 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2014

5 Words to Use in Every Day Life

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Many of you may know my "One Word" philosophy. I encourage adults and kids alike to find one word that can guide them, a word that when lived by, can help you navigate to your happiest and most fulfilled life; a word that guides your moral compass. My word is connect. Whenever I take the time to remind myself to connect, whether it's to my work, my friends or my business, I find clarity and purpose. Connecting is why I started Nalini Method and NaliniKIDS, it's why I write this blog and it's why I will continue to teach for as long as I can.

I see words as one of the most important tools in pursuing a healthy life. Discovering words that can help you on both your fitness and emotional journey is a quick and easy way to reshape your life. Below are five simple words that can sculpt not only your day, but also someone else's, into shape.

1. Yes: Yes can be one of the hardest words to say because saying yes can often mean putting yourself out there and taking a risk. Whether it's skydiving, a date, a job, a marriage, saying yes propels you into change. We often fear yes because it leads us to commitment. But let's take the pressure off of yes and think about what it means to us internally. Yes means "I agree" or "I will"; it means "I can" and "I do." These are all incredibly active and exciting things to encourage in yourself. So the next time someone asks you to go on an adventure and you are on the fence, try saying yes!

2. No: In certain circumstances the word no can limit you. But, there are many instances where knowing when to say no can bring a sense of peace to your life. Example: About ten years ago I was offered an appealing contract by an awesome fitness studio. I thought this was a great move for me; I'd be able to make more money, teach and share the reigns of my business with someone I respected. It only took a few weeks for me to realize I was wrong. I decided I wanted to build Nalini Method on my own, so I (politely) said no. Since then I haven't looked back. I needed to speak the word no in order to find the series of yeses that were soon to come.

3. Please: Please is a word you usually say out of habit, especially if you had a parent who enforced it. You often hear it come out at the dinner table, a store or in an email. However we use please so often (hopefully!), that we lose sight of it's meaning. Please is symbol of two other words I like: acknowledgement and respect. Please is a sign that you acknowledge someone's importance in your life. It lets someone know that what they are doing is helpful or a good deed. When we say please we show kindness and that's a hugely important sentiment to have. So, the next time you use please think about what the person you're talking to means to you and maybe add on a few additional kind words to show them how you really feel!

4. ____________: Yes, this one is blank. Now you're probably thinking, "________" is not a word. It represents the lack of words, which is important. Sometimes words can flow so easily (especially when stressed and heated), so making the active choice to choose silence instead, can be very hard, but healthy. It's great to speak your mind, but I also encourage you to take the time to be silent. Words are amazing tools but being an active listener is also important to your happiness, especially when it comes to relationships with others. Listen to the people around you and really try to hear them. I bet there are a lot of things you don't know about your parents, friends or partners. Ask first, then be quiet and really listen as you choose the word silence!

5. Thank you: Saying Thank You is one of the most important lessons I've ever learned from my parents. Life is unpredictable and it's important to thank the people we love for their support. I thank my mother every day for her kindness and unconditional love. As I've grown older it's become so clear to me how much her nurturing words and acts have helped and shaped me and I will never stop being grateful for that. It's also important to thank the numerous people who help us along life's journey. Even the smallest act of kindness is worth an enormous amount of gratitude because you never know what that little moment will accumulate to. And, sometimes being genuinely thanked by someone can give you a priceless and surprising boost in your day, so why not share the love!

So I thank you for taking the time to read this blog and listening to my opinion on words. I hope you have a good day filled with easy yeses and empowering nos. Please say thank you to close friend or someone special in your life today too!

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