After Roe Is Overturned, Here's What the "Pro-Lifers" Will Try Next

05/25/2011 11:50 am ET

When Samuel Alito take the oath of office next week as the newest Supreme Court "Justice," the number of pro-Roe Justices that will remain on the Court will have been reduced to five.

If the mostly pro-choice Democrats do not recapture the Senate this year, and/or if solidly pro-choice Justice John Paul Stevens, who turns 86 in April, is suddenly unable to continue his service, Roe is doomed.

But do you think the so-called "pro-lifers" will view this reversal as a final triumph? Not by a long shot.

Here's three things I look to happen after Roe is overturned:

A bill will be introduced in Congress to bar all federal aid to hospitals that perform abortions. Even if the aid is money for a new community hospital wing having nothing to do with pregnancy termination, this will be part of the statute. I wouldn't be surprised if they went after reimbursements, too: if you a hospital that performs abortions, your hospital won't get Medicare/Medicaid payments.

A bill will be introduced in Congress to bar interstate transport of women from any state where abortion is prohibited to any state that allows it. Invoking the Interstate Commerce clause, the proposed statute won't just stop at women who plunk down their American Express card and fly from, say, South Carolina to New York. A family planning clinic in California that arranges for air or surface travel for a woman from Utah who wishes to terminate her pregnancy- forget about it. A travel agency who knowingly arranges for such trips- Feds are gonna come after ya.

A bill will be introduced in many state legislatures that will mandate parental notification for distribution of contraceptives. If you are younger than 18,, have a boyfriend, and decide you need contraception, your clinician, your doctor, your school counselor - will need a note from at least one parent.

I am sure more oppressive measures are being kicked around by eager, controlling, small minds.

Unless Justice Stevens stays healthy and the Dems recapture the Senate, though, it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.