Barack Obama, As Long As You Smoke You're a Hypocrite

04/06/2007 11:29 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

There's a lot to admire about Barack Obama- his views, his forcefulness, his life experience growing up in various parts of the world. And he has a lot to say about how we, the United States, can be more humane and respectful citizens of the world.

But as do many of us, Sen. Obama has had a bad habit. He's been a smoker for most of his adult life.

Obama is trying to quit, but until he does, I have a problem with him lighting up.

The issue for me is that here is a guy while professes that we should respect the third world and its citizens, his smoking habit directly feeds the marketing and distribution engines of tobacco companies that have much if not most of the same Third World hooked. These companies are viciously aggressive in promoting their poison. Look at the billboards, and then see crowds with cancer sticks in their mouths.

The habits of our domestic smokers like Obama fatten the coffers of these tobacco companies. And then, these tobacco companies come right back and joust for position inside the mouths and lungs of Third Worlders.

The same Third Worlders who might well be the beneficiaries of a more enlighted U.S. foreign policy helmed by a President (or Secretary of State) Barack Obama.

But then what happens when these Third World chain smokers develop deadly diseases, including cancer?

Until you stop smoking for good, Senator, you are part of the problem. You can't love Third World nations and at the same time, fatten the coffers of companies whose products kill them.