10/18/2006 04:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary Clinton, Did Your Consultants Recommend You Wear That Cross?


I don't begrudge anyone's right to believe in what they believe in. Heck, I've even defended Tom Cruise against anti-Scientology bigotry.

But, as Ben Smith of the New York Daily News reports, Sen. Hillary Clinton has been wearing a cross in public a lot lately. She started in 2001, and it would appear that the sightings and even the size of the cross have increased in recent months.

I do have to ask if the cross displays are in any way consultant-driven? A way to voters of faith that "I am not a godless liberal, but I believe in the same God that you do?"

Voters who will express their thoughts about Hillary in next month's Senatorial election?

2008 Presidential primary voters in red states who are desparately seeking reassurance that Hillary is a person of faith?

Pardon me if I wonder how much of Hillary's cross-wearing is consultant-driven, as opposed to driven more by belief.

I happen to believe that this lifelong Methodist does believe.

That said, I also happen to wonder how this symbolic display of her faith squares with the almost irrefutable fact that she ignored her husband's multiple adulterous episodes in her quest to be close to power- and then gain some for herself.