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Joe Lieberman, You've Become "Sore Loserman"

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Joe, of course you remember those "Sore Loserman" taunts.

In case you have forgotten, Joe, those "Sore Loserman" taunts boomed from the throats of Tom DeLay's thuggish operatives as they besieged the Miami-Dade County Courthouse to block a needed recount of those contentious 2000 election results which should have put you within a heartbeat of the Presidency.

In case you have forgotten, Joe, those "Sore Loserman" taunts boomed from the microphones of the right-wing talk show hosts that hated everything you and Al Gore stood for back in 2000.

In case you have forgotten, Joe, those "Sore Loserman" taunts were on the tee-shirts of political operatives and ordinary folk whose overarching goal was to keep you and your running mate from ascending to power, and thwarting the goals of the rich and powerful that the 2000 campaign identified you and Al Gore as enemies of.

Now that it is nearly six years on, it is appropriate to chart where the public lifepaths of you and Al have taken each of you.

Via his brave movie "An Inconvenient Truth" and his lecture tour, Al Gore has become a fighter against the warmongering, polluter-tolerant man and corporate machinery for whom those "Sore Loserman" shouters were doing their bidding for.

Meanwhile, you quite literally embrace that same warmongering polluter-tolerant man and corporate machinery. We have a photo.

And those right-wing talk show hosts? They are using your defeat in the Connecticut Senatorial primary to mock the party you still claim to be a part of. Now, they- those same right wing political talk show hosts that mocked your party in 2000 and those same right-wing religious talk show hosts that privately think people of your faith are all going to hell- well they all claim to be your friends, Joe.

Are you glad for friends such as these?

Joe, by running as an independent, you are not only mocking the popular choice of the party you have belonged to all your life in the state you have lived in all your life. And by splintering the vote, not only are you becoming an obstacle to the party who supported you in 2000 gaining at least some voice in this election cycle. A cycle in which one more Supreme Court appointment will seal the fate of this nation for a generation as a place where the voices of dogma, intolerance, corporate greed and environmental degradation can thrive unchecked.

But you don't care, Joe. You like it in the Senate. You like it so much you want to play by your own rules.

Back when I was a kid, Joe, we had a name for others who kept on yelling "do over" when the calls didn't go their way.

It's a name you've heard before, and will hear again. Only this time you won't hear it from your enemies. You will hear it from your former friends.

Joe, you have proven that those who taunted you had it right. Only they were six years too early.

Joe, you are Sore Loserman.