10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Work Out

08/24/2011 07:35 am ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

Has your relationship with a gym ever atrophied? Have your visions of a beach body ever become blurry? Whatever the case, maintaining a workout regime is often more difficult than actually starting one.

What causes the most well intentioned person to stray from a healthy routine? After seeing thousands of people walk through the doors of gyms and fitness studios, I've learned that most of the time it's not the individual's discipline level to blame -- the culprit is often our approach to staying motivated to exercise. At my company, Flywheel Sports, members often share with me that motivating themselves to go to the gym or the studio is sometimes harder than the workout itself. Most importantly, what we all agree on is how great we feel after a ride -- that's the true motivation!

Whether you get caught in the ebbs and flows of working out or you're jumping on the healthy bandwagon for the first time, baby steps and creative strategies are the best way to go for long-term results. As you strive for a healthier, stronger, sexier you, it's so important to acknowledge your efforts, as well as the small (but significant) improvements along the way. Are your clothes fitting better? Can you run two miles instead of one? Feeling a little more stamina when in the past you may have wanted more energy? We'd all like to see tighter abs and less jiggle after a week of strenuous workouts, but since we can't experience instant gratification, swerving around mental roadblocks will help you stay the course and meet your goals.

Here's my personal top 10 list of ways to stay the course:

Many people think that because fitness is my career, I've never had a problem keeping motivated. But I assure couch is just as comfy, and my glass of wine just as relaxing as yours. I've just used these tips to make sure that by the time I'm nestled up and ready to sip, I've earned it!