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College Students take on Negative Rap Lyrics

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All About Business (AAB), the youth financial literacy group, takes on yet another controversial issue of rap lyrics that are destructive to our communities across America. They agree with the popular argument that parents are ultimately responsible for the rearing of their children, but they have decided to help parents to educate youth about the power of words and how they impact people instead of criticizing them for not controlling their teens. AAB understands if it truly takes a village, we must demonstrate accountability for all of those issues that have a negative effect in the village. They refuse to sit idly by as spectators, will never play the role of an inactive armchair quarterback, and are determined to be an integral part of the solution!

Manuel Gonzalez, York College Student and Director of AAB states, "I get it. Parents need to raise their children. They are the alpha and omega when it comes to responsibility. However, how can we sit by and do nothing and put the entire onus on the parents while the lyrics are negatively impacting the minds of our community youth? There is no doubt that these lyrics are making it harder for the parents to do their job so we have decided to take a stand and support our parents with this video and much more initiatives to come."