11 Homes With Recording Studios You Can Buy Now

09/19/2013 04:36 pm ET | Updated Nov 19, 2013
Whether music is a hobby or you're house hunting for Dr. Dre, an in-home recording studio is an awesome feature for a home to have We scoured Estately's real estate listings across America to find these homes for sale that come with a recording studio. Be warned though, they don't come cheap.

Franklin, TN -- $1,900,000


This studio is detached from the main house just in case someone's trying to watch Slayer music videos in the house while you're recording some soft rock hits in the studio.

Penngrove, CA -- $5,300,000


Take a break from the music by picking some fruit in the orchard or watering the plants in the greenhouse or get down with nature because there are eight acres to stroll around if you're all contemplative and stuff.

Campton, NH -- $3,495,000

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When you're done cutting the record you can relax in the pub-style bar, eight-person Jacuzzi, or weld a shark fin on your Ducati in the specialized motorcycle workshop.

Santa Rosa, CA -- $3,295,000


There was a farmer who had a recording studio located in the property's barn, which is great for recording that new track B.I.N.G.O. -- The Remix.

Brookville, NY -- $4,388,000


This state-of-the-art recording studio would be perfect for those times when Wu-Tang Clan drops by to lay some tracks.

Ball Ground, GA -- $9,750,000

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It's a pretty nice house; too bad you're going to rock it to the ground.... acoustically.

Malibu, CA -- $5,995,000

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This one comes with a recording studio and an engineer/composing room. When the recording is completed the musicians can relax in the treehouse or the wine shed. You can always watch reruns of The Golden Girls in the media room, too. That's classic television right there.

Camarillo, CA -- $5,900,000

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Villa Boehm features a professional recording studio and sound booths with a stage and more. It's also got five plasma screen TVs in the sports bar.

Austin, TX -- $5,400,000


The recording studio has both a control room and a rehearsal room. Also, there's a room for Pilates and the decor is all modern and pretty.

Simi Valley, CA -- $1,099,000


No neighbors on rear of home so you can blast those tunes.

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This studio was named by Mix Magazine as one of the "Hottest New Studios of 2011." You know who was named the "Hottest Man Alive in 2011" by People Magazine? Bradley Cooper. Think about it...