01/16/2013 12:40 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2013

13 Awesome Poker Rooms for High Rollers


For many families, the decision to designate a room in the house specifically for playing poker is a hard one, especially if it means the children will have to share a room or grandma will need to move into the garage. The animosity this creates is only compounded if the poker-playing member of the family is also a gambling addict. But beyond that, a special poker room can be a treat, especially if it ends up looking like one of these:

Poker rooms

If these stunning room have convinced you to create your own, you'll need to make some decisions on where to put it, what amenities to include and whether you want a theme. If you're turned off by the cost, just stay tuned for our upcoming article featuring a collection of basement condos that open up into alleys where dice games are common.

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