5 Homes for Sale With Giant Chess Boards

04/05/2013 02:16 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2013

Most home buyers settle for a house with a walk-in closet and a stainless steel fridge. However, a select few demand an estate worthy of kings and queens, refusing to seal the deal unless it includes multiple horses and castles. If you're such a person, then perhaps one of these homes for sale with an oversized chessboard is right for you...

1. Portland, OR--$2,995,000--View the entire property HERE.

chess2 2. Sonoma, CA--$3,750,000--View the entire property HERE.

8_21300888_17_1358288488 3. Glen Ellen, CA--$3,695,000--View the entire property HERE.

8_21213674_17_1363118199 4. Marina Del Rey, CA--$5,995,000--View the entire property HERE.


5. Colleyville, TX--$1,199,000--View the entire property HERE.