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Sabby Mionis


Greek Economic Tragedy Brings Neo-Nazis and Racists in the Political Mainstream

Posted: 03/26/2012 10:02 am

It is not easy being Greek these days. We are being ridiculed around the world as a lazy people, something that could not be further from the truth for the millions of Greeks working in the private sector. We are watching our friends and family members lose their jobs and facing financial hardship they never imagined possible. We are seeing everyone around us living in a state of fear and uncertainty. We are witnessing our beautiful country with its rich history, sinking deeper and deeper into an economic crisis not seen since the Second World War. And yet, the politicians who get to benefit the most out of our Greece's misfortune, are the admirers of those who brought about the devastation of Greece almost 70 years ago: the Nazis.

According to the latest polls, in the upcoming elections which will probably take place in the next few weeks, the neo-Nazi party "Chrysi Avgi" (Golden Dawn), will succeed for the first time to get elected to the Greek parliament by earning more than 3 percent of the vote. In the latest municipal elections, Golden Dawn faired unexpectedly well in Athens, running on an anti-immigrant, racist agenda. This is a party that for years has been painting swastikas all over the country and has been responsible for violent attacks on immigrants and leftists, as well as defacing Jewish cemeteries and Holocaust memorials. Another extreme right wing and openly anti-Semitic party, LAOS, has been in the parliament since 2004. Its leader, George Karatzaferis, has in the past denied the Holocaust