If the Feminine Ruled This Planet, Life Would Be About Living (VIDEO)

06/01/2010 12:45 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Sadhguru Mystic, Yogi and Founder, Isha Foundation

For a long time, humanity has given too much significance to the masculine because survival has been the dominant factor. When survival is the dominant factor, naturally the masculine will be the dominant force. Only when societies have handled their survival well and reached a certain level of stabilized culture and civilization can the feminine flower. Societies are now coming to that phase, but one thing that is also happening is that economics is becoming the primary force in the world.

With economics becoming the dominant factor in the world, we are once again bringing down everything to the level of survival. Maybe at a different level than before, but still, it is all about survival. So again, we have the laws of the jungle, "survival of the fittest." The masculine will once again dominate. People are saying, "No. No. A lot of women are becoming CEOs." But to do this, women have had to drop the feminine and operate more like men. There is no room to use the feminine in these situations; unfortunately it is not welcome.

Only in a certain situation of relaxation can the feminine flower. If the feminine does not flower, you will have everything in your life and you will have nothing in your life - that is what will happen.

So consciously nurturing the feminine in a society has become very essential because without the feminine, we will have full-grown trees that will never flower. And that is like living half a life. Half a life is not a good life. So allowing the feminine to find its place in any society is important. When I say feminine, I am not talking about it in terms of male-female; I am talking about it in terms of masculine-feminine. The feminine can be as alive in a man as it is in a woman. It is not about being physically male or female. The feminine is a certain quality and the masculine is also a certain quality. Only when these two qualities happen in balance within a human being can a human being live a life of fulfillment.

So today, there is a danger that the female is giving up the feminine because survival has once again become the dominant factor. Survival has been pushed up to a demanding scale like never before. In earlier times, survival meant just gathering the day's food. But today, survival means a BMW, the latest technological gadgets for your children, a summer home, etc. That is very challenging. So as this happens, as the demand for this type of life increases, there will ultimately be no room for the feminine to find any place in society.

So something needs to happen for the feminine to flower within each human being. The feminine should be nurtured right from the start. As many children go into science and technology, the same number should also go into music, art, philosophy and literature. This must happen. If this does not happen, there will be no room for the feminine in the world. So celebrating the feminine is very essential. It is not about "woman," but rather the "feminine."

2010-05-31-blackwhiteshrunk.jpgIf you want to use analogies, you can look at the root as masculine and the flower and fruit as feminine. The very purpose of the root is to bring the flower and fruit. If flower and fruit do not happen, the root will go to waste. So survival by itself does not take care of everything; after survival is taken care of, then the finer things in life can happen to you. But if the feminine does not become alive in you - whether you are a man or a woman - the finer things in life will not happen to you. Then all your life you will only think survival, endlessly survival. You will only make survival more and more difficult because just getting food and clothing is no longer survival. Now survival is about having "this, that and that" - many things that are impossible for most people to get. So every society is trying to put up its survival bar higher and higher.

The very nature of this continual quest for survival is masculine. The masculine is always about conquering something. The feminine is not about conquest. The feminine is about flowering, about relaxing, about living - not about getting. So what's needed is a shift. If that shift does not happen, we will exhaust the planet too fast. If the feminine ruled this planet, there would be no ecological problems because it would not be one mindless, endless conquest - it would be about living.

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