02/21/2012 08:04 am ET | Updated Apr 22, 2012

Sky, Sea And Smiles In The Philippines (PHOTOS)

I fumbled off the plane and blinked in the heat as I began to sweat and became self-conscious of the camera straps and excessive luggage. My trip to the Philippines was so spur of the moment, I wasn't ready for the shock of arrival.

On one of the following mornings -- I quickly lost track of time -- I followed the curve of a beach until it ended in a village half-sunk in ocean. This country is not merely an archipelago; there is water everywhere. Life on the smaller island especially is defined by the sea.

My camera is always a magnet for children everywhere and these beautiful beaches were no exception. The camera came out and the kids ran at me with their faces and arms open. It becomes difficult to get a bad picture. I show them their pictures, and sometimes hand them the camera, but it doesn't feel like a fair trade. I always suspect that I will remember their joy longer than they will remember my technology. The days are too beautiful here to be reminisce about knobs and buttons.

These images were collected on the Philippine islands: Cebu, Donsol and Palawan. The blue water, the miles and the crackling energy of the country were endemic to all of its shores.

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