A Cool, Clean Shave

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tiger Woods has evidently been sleeping with women other than his wife. For someone who is married, his extracurricular count is pretty high. Some of the people who hired him as a front man or spokesman have considered dropping him or have in fact stopped running ads with his name or likeness or words present.

Dropping him is a stupid move for two reasons.

1)The men who idolize Tiger Woods,who go into debt to buy golf equipment and clothing with his stamp of approval on it could not care less about this scandal. They have no problem with his dilly dalliances. Hell, THEY would sleep with him for three lessons on their backswing (so to speak).

2)This reason shakes you loose from base assumptions. Why would anyone buy a razor blade because Woods does? Do you have the same skin? Does he mention how he preps his face? Do you think he has bought any shaving devices in the last decade? He wants YOU to buy it. No, I say, no! Let him buy you a three pack of blades.You promise to buy a full pack if it does the job. Honor is damned important.

Accenture dropped Woods. They are an accounting and consulting firm. "Hi,I'm Tiger Woods, I'm worth a billion dollars, so naturally,your investment concerns are exactly the same as mine."

This is the same as buying DVD acting lessons from Jessica Lange and coming out like Artie Lange.

These great athletes are packaged. We love them because they do what we do a thousand times better everytime they do it. We don't say it,but we think they are superhuman, and we treat them like we treat any superhero. They are a product,and if you buy the product that is Tiger Woods, there is a lot of whoosh in your life, certainly more than Tiger is experiencing right about now.


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