03/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

At Your Feet or At Your Throat

I do not know why the GOP has lost their sense of reason. We are in an economic tailspin that is literally killing people. Homes are being taken away, car dealers are giving away product, banks are closing faster than one can keep track, and the GOP's solution is to cut taxes. Genius. At a time when Americans will need a helping hand, tax cuts will cut that hand off at the wrist and leave people at sea.

I cannot explain the logic of tax cuts for the rich. When you hear a Republican talking about tax cuts, and you think it means a cut for the average worker, you are wrong. The last five cuts didn't help working people, why would these? So here comes President Obama asking for a stimulus package that would create jobs and make the economy rev up a little faster, and of course the GOP, the party of the rich for the last eighty years, fights this package as if it was an invading army. I even heard a Republican say that they must fight this the way the Taliban fight. Lovely. What is the first move, whip women who expose an ankle on the way to the poorhouse?

Worse yet is the media. I have heard reporters and pundits from every outlet from CNN to CNBC knock the stimulus package. One might wonder why the media attacks this idea so vehemently when the GOP offers nothing but greater poverty and higher unemployment. I have three reasons:

1)Do not think that all media are confirmed leftists. More of them have a political commonality with Sean Hannity than you might think. Howard Kurtz is married to a woman who worked with the GOP for years, why wouldn't he promote their cause?

2) Do not think all media is smart. They report the news, they do not create solutions. There are only so many Paul Krugmans. Why would anybody heed Krugman, the Nobel Prize winner in economics? Let's all listen to college dropout Rush Limbaugh.

3)Most of the people you see on TV and hear on radio are financially well off, many with multi-million dollar salaries and best selling books. How much do they have in common with the night manager of Circuit City who has to file for unemployment? Very little.

If the economy continues to tank, remember the experts who were wrong from the beginning. You can see them or hear them almost every day, the new wing of the GOP, the mainstream "liberal" media.