08/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Miss California Missed the Point

Carrie Prejean represented the state of California in a beauty contest. I'm guessing that the majority of the women in this contest aspire to be newscasters or talk show hosts. They certainly have all the tools for such a career. They are beautiful, wear makeup well, know how to speak under pressure, and have just enough heart stopping ambition and drive to smash a wall open.

There is a part of the Miss USA pageant when the judges ask the contestants questions about current events. Let me state clearly that I could not possibly care less what these people think about any current event. Let me also state that I am willing to bet that their opinions, as a rule, are to the right of the mainstream. They have a right to their opinions, and I have a right to think that there are opinions are ridiculous, in fact and in the way they are proffered.

Pageant judge Perez Hilton asked Carrie Prejean about her take on gay marriage. Hilton is gay, thrives on his gayness, and makes it part of his brand. Miss Prejean's answer was predictable. She does not want gays to marry. After all, why should these United States citizens have the same rights as Miss Prejean? After all, they are gay, and don't have the same rights as you and I straight folks. Then Prejean took it a step further. She described gay nuptials as "opposite marriage". I feel so foolish. I thought the opposite of marriage was divorce. I now know better. I also know that Prejean will never be my lifeline on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

After someone else won the Miss USA crown, Prejean was contractually committed to make appearances around California. According to the folks in charge, she blew off appearances in order to speak at rallies opposing gay marriage. She allegedly copped a lot of attitude, threw a snit fit here and there, and was generally uncooperative. For this and more, she was fired from the title of Miss California.

She has responded by frequently appearing in the cradle of homophobia, Fox News, and has snagged a book deal that will keep her in spray tan and tooth whitener for years.

I am posting this because I wanted to take the opportunity to write that this know-nothing bigot is a hypocrite, a self-serving Eve Harrington, a taller Sarah Palin. Why do I feel this way?
First, she preaches biblical sanctity, and yet found the time to pose in a breast friendly pictorial. Second, she has no idea why she opposes gay marriage, other than that she is supposed to.

Third, as stupid as the phrase "opposite marriage", it is only a distant second to saying her firing from Tiaraville was a violation of her freedom of speech. No, sweetie, freedom of speech doesn't apply in the workplace, and you received gifts and freebies for being Miss Golden Bear. I am so tired of public figures bitching about freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is you and me on the corner griping about politicians, not working for a public company and violating the conditions of your contract. By the way, your complaining about violation of your constitutional rights while not batting a false eyelash as you pray that gay people are denied theirs is stupendously immoral. Now shut up and smile.

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