10 Reflections on the Super Bowl

02/11/2011 12:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

(1) If you are attending the Super Bowl and don't have a rooting interest, you have to get a hobby. For that amount of dough, you could put your own team together.

(2) Caring about which commercial is the best is like caring about which movie made the most money over the weekend. An entity to which you are not connected has you convinced it matters to you. Wake up.

(3) The pregame ads were so militaristic I thought war bonds were going to be sold at halftime.

(4) I love when people who cannot sing criticize people who can when the singer goofs up. Aguilera didn't curse,she muffed a line. So did I at my bar mitzvah, and no one died there either.

(5) Any three hundred pound man who can outrun a normal sized person is superhuman and should be treated as such. Provide them a cape and tights,they've earned it.

(6) The halftime entertainment should not include dancers who look like they are auditioning for "Tron III".

(7) If A-Rod gets ticked off when his girlfriend's feeding him is televised, then he should feed her. That is a much better picture for me to carry in my mind. Otherwise,it looks like a reversal of the final scene in "Driving Miss Daisy".

(8) The Green Bay Packers showed tremendous courage and fortitude in the face of injuries to key players. (Have to talk about the game at some point).

9) Do you know five people who watch even half of all the pre-game show?Me either.

(10) How many people watching the Snickers commercial know who Richard Lewis is? How many cheered when Roseanne Barr got knocked down? Just asking.