Senator Rich N. Lazy

08/18/2008 03:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

My Aunt Ann is eighty-four years old. She gets around by motorized chair, has a tank of oxygen to help her breathe, and is fighting off emphysema. This lovely woman is working the phone banks by

computer on behalf of Barack Obama's candidacy. She is doing this with a computer. She is doing this

with the aid of the internet, a sophisticated system of universal communication. It is an essential for

this century. We send the message of the U.S.A. to the world with this invisible tool. It would probably be a

good idea to elect a leader who understands the internet. John McCain does not.

He not only does not understand the internet, he blames his ignorance on being old. Not my


Johnny Mac. So, you're too feeble to read and comprehend, is that what you're saying?

How about calling Geek Squad and sending one of their crew over? You'll spring for it,you are a

millionaire. My Aunt Ann is twelve years older than you senator, and not hale and hearty,and not

possessed of enough disposable income to keep a comp nerd in tow for eternity.

I have lived with a president dispossessed of the curiosity gene for eight years. The next POTUS

cannot follow this with more uncaring. Enjoy retirement,Senator MCain. Unless you want to emulate

Aunt Ann and perform volunteer work. It would do you good to do someone else some good for a