09/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Why do you think Sarah Palin knows more about health care than you? She doesn't.

Why do you believe Dick Morris when he says old people will be harmed by Obama's health plan? Why don't you find out for whom he lobbies?

Why don't you connect the fact that insurance companies sponsor Sean Hannity's show and draw an obvious conclusion?

Why aren't you appalled at the number of people who have died because insurance companies have turned down applicants for surgery and treatment? It is in the tens of thousands.

Why is it okay to scream and yell at meetings. Why isn't it all right to behave in a way a polite child would behave?

Why should I care if the guy from Montana who questioned Obama is a proud member of the NRA? Why? Is the NRA going to pay his medical bills when his gun accidentally goes off?

Why doesn't anybody ask Sam Wurzelberger what credentials he brings to the table to speak to anybody about anything? Is baldness a qualification for expertese?

Why can't Palin name anyone who is a member of a death panel? Is it the same reason she can't name the newspapers she reads?

Why does Brian Kilmeade of "Fox and Friends" think that 44 is twice as much as 29? Is he ever embarrassed?

Why does Rush Limbaugh lie when he says he never said "death panel",that he was only quoting Palin. That is a lie. Why does he lie? Why does he think his listeners are stupid?

Who do the town hall shouters want their country back from?

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