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Bianca Bosker

Do Not Disturb: The Most Exciting (And Underrated) New Apple Feature

Bianca Bosker | Posted June 11, 2012

The most thrilling new iPhone feature unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday wasn't the fancy schmancy new Maps app, the long-awaited integration with Facebook, or even Siri's new mastery of sports trivia.

It's a feature that will actually get you off...

Erik Johnson

Why Do Transportation Sales Tax Measures Succeed?

Erik Johnson | Posted June 11, 2012

Local roads are falling apart, transit riders have been left behind, and the money to fix it all is disappearing just as quickly. After a few decades of successful local sales tax measures, a statewide infusion of bond funding in 2006, and one-time funds from the federal stimulus bill in...

Erika Milvy

Earthquake* Strikes Academy of Sciences Building (*It's an Exhibition)

Erika Milvy | Posted June 11, 2012

We're a little bit weird about earthquakes, aren't we? There will be a few hundred quakes in California this week and those of us who live here are not only blasé about small quakes, we can find them a little exciting. Little bit. Did you feel that? Where were you...

Nathan Manske

AIDS/LifeCycle Rider: 'AIDS Will Not Be the Boss of Me' (VIDEO)

Nathan Manske | Posted June 11, 2012

The I'm From Driftwood crew was in California for the 11th annual AIDS/LifeCycle, a bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles raising money for HIV/AIDS. IFD founder Nathan Manske and guest videographer and editor Matthew Ladensack have been sharing daily video stories from some of...

Lisa Mirza Grotts

The Game of Golf: The Rules of Etiquette

Lisa Mirza Grotts | Posted June 11, 2012

The much-anticipated U.S. Open comes to San Francisco June 11-17. As a non-golfer who grew with a golfing father and now husband, I have learned some of the rules of the game over the years. Words like fore and green were common around our house. A reminder of the rules...

Judy Patrick

Baked Goods to Balance the California State Budget

Judy Patrick | Posted June 11, 2012

On June 6, 2012, the Women's Foundation of California held a bake sale at the Capitol Hill in Sacramento. The goal? To sell enough baked goods to balance the California state budget. We did the math and saw that to close the $15.7 billion budget gap we needed to sell...

Kirsten Dirksen

WATCH: Why Hand-crafted, High-tech Wooden Bikes Give a Better Ride

Kirsten Dirksen | Posted June 11, 2012

Ken Wheeler is a fan of any type of wooden craft. He's owned wooden sailboats, built wooden camping kitchens as a business and loves to point out that the all-wood de Havilland Mosquito -- a.k.a. "The Wooden Wonder" -- was one of the fastest planes in World War II. But...

Sean Martinfield

Samuel Ramey Is Leo the Great in San Francisco Opera's 'Attila'

Sean Martinfield | Posted June 11, 2012

The role of "Leone" in Verdi's Attila is the definition of a cameo appearance. This particular assignment requires an artist of the larger-than-life variety. The character is Pope Leo I, aka, Saint Leo the Great, a Doctor of the Church. Specifically, in the Doctrine Department. He wrote the book, so...

Bennet Kelley

Bridging the D.C.-Silicon Valley Divide in Napa Valley

Bennet Kelley | Posted June 11, 2012

As in past years, the sixth Tech Policy Summit held in serene Napa Valley highlights the very Silicon Valley-Washington divide which it seeks to bridge. While the SOPA fight, the passage of the CROWDFUND Act and greater tech engagement on Capitol Hill are major signs of improvement, the...

Jeff Danziger

Summer Jobs

Jeff Danziger | Posted June 11, 2012

James Franco

Summer Reading, Part 3: Remembering the Lovely Details of The Virgin Suicides

James Franco | Posted June 11, 2012

As my summer reading continues, I sometimes take time out to look at films. Something got me on a Sean Penn kick -- I suppose it was seeing a glimpse of him in When the Levees Broke, Spike Lee's documentary about Hurricane Katrina. I realized with shame that, though I...