Bears Beat Vikings -- Alternate Universe Only Explanation

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I tried to find the Bears vs. Vikings game on Monday Night Football, and wound up with a fantasy game where the Bears actually played an impressive game and won. Even before halftime with the Bears leading Minnesota 16-0, it seemed more like a football version of Space Jam. Here was Brett Favre playing like Jay Cutler, and Jay Cutler playing like -- Brett Favre! I expected to see Bugs and Daffy in the stands.

Play after play, Cutler actually threw the ball -- not tossing it to the guy next to him regardless of what team he was on or crumpling in a sack -- no, actually threw the ball to make numerous completed passes! Where were the interceptions? Where was the confused look as he scanned the field to find a receiver? Did he truly remember which color jerseys his team wore?

When a pouting Favre threw a pass with seconds left in the game to tie the score at 30-30, he was prematurely jubilant as Bears' kicker Robbie Gould missed the 45-yard field goal that could have ended the game right there. But Favre failed to connect and pouted even more when along comes Cutler with a 39-yard pass that nestled into the arms of Devin Aromashodu like a baby as he glided across the end zone. It was almost as if Number 9 was back on the field. Had the Monsters of the Midway returned?

I sat in disbelief. Sonofabitch, too bad the season was over. Where has this team been?

The only explanation can be that Monday night's game is proof there is a parallel universe and somehow my TV set was tuned to this alternate game.

The Bears play in the Twilight Zone. I hope they can play there again next year.

Super Bowl, anyone?