Unplug and Recharge: Remember Who You Are

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Sara Avant Stover Yogini, teacher, author and founder of The Way of the Happy Woman

On these cold and dark mornings, as the days grow shorter and shorter, I find that I so appreciate the early morning hours.

Sure, it's hard to get out of bed--to trade the comfort of snuggling under warm blankets to touch feet down on the bare floor. But after a splash of cold water on my face and a cup of hot tea, it's worth it. You see, during these hours, I remember who I am.

My mind's not yet busy with the events of the day. I see night change to day. I see the first glimpses of the morning sun paint the clouds red, gold, and orange beyond my kitchen window. I sense in my body the return of warmth and clarity. I feel an optimism and a willingness to shine, as I am, no matter what.

Here's a practice for you to do in the morning, to remember who you are, too.

1. When you get the first glimpse of light in the morning, whether that is through a window once you are already awake, or as you first open your eyes to a bright morning, FEEL THE LIGHT. Don't think about feeling the light, literally feel what it's like to receive it through your eyes, your skin, your whole being. Allow it to soften you.

2. Affirm to yourself that you are the light, too. Affirm to live in the light in this moment--which means to be yourself fully and to stay open--especially in the face of challenges and busyness.

3. Throughout the day, as often as you remember, feel the light on your body--sense the color, the texture--and remind yourself that this is only an outer reflection of your bright, inner essence.

Now, I'm curious, how is this for you? Does it change how you feel when you start your day?

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