06/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Which Man Do You Call For Help?

Part 3 of a serial, Sex Love Enlightenment. Previously: I broke my collarbone skiing, which stopped me from visiting Billy in Lone Tree for our hot date. Without consulting me, he drove two hours to Boulder to help, couldn't find me and drove home. Click here to read past installments.

I felt terrible that Billy had made a trip in vain.

I called him and said I was really sorry. "I wish you'd waited till you spoke to me before driving up."

"How did you get back from Vail?" he asked.

"I called a friend."

He was silent. "Who?" he asked.

"A guy named Bill, as it happens. Like you."

"You called another man."

"He's a friend, just a friend."

"You chose him over me."

"I hardly know you. We met once. Bill's been a friend for years."

"I would have taken care of you," Billy said. I took care of my mother when she had a car accident. I took care of my sister when she broke her collarbone. I know how to do it. I would have done that for you."

"I really appreciate that, but I had no idea..."

He was becoming angry. "You made your choice, and it wasn't me."

I tried to explain that I'd felt vulnerable, I needed help getting undressed and going to the bathroom and wanted to call someone I already felt comfortable with. "That doesn't mean I'm not interested in seeing you again..."

But he was hurt and angry and there was no getting him to understand. I told him I had to go, my shoulder was throbbing with pain. "Let's wait until I feel better and talk then."

Hanging up, I thought, This man is high maintenance. And presumptuous. I mean, I've only met him once! I can't deal with anyone else's emotions right now. I have to focus all my energy on healing.

He called and sent emails in the following days but I didn't answer any and after a time, they stopped. My friend, Claire, who's a psychotherapist, said, "I think the universe saved you from a bullet -- an entanglement with a guy who's not stable. That ski crash was providential."

Did it have to be something so extreme? I said.

"Apparently so."

And that was that. Until Valentine's Day.

To Be Continued...

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