Breaking Down The Bedrock

11/17/2011 09:02 am ET

Today has been pretty quiet. Not a lot of news, so I was catching up on some blogs, email, even managed to tackle an enormous pile of laundry...

You know, casually practicing my "sinful nature," as Sally Kern, and the likes of Sally Kern, call my lifestyle "choice."

Seems on Easter Sunday, the day of all that Jesus stuff -- rebirth, renewal, love and kindness -- Sally missed an opportunity to throw her hands up in the air and say, Save me, Sweet Jesus.

Clearly I was wrong. I don't think gay people are like "cancer" and should be "eradicated."

Not our Sally. She stuck to her guns, comfortable in her ignorance, using the bible to prop herself up on a pedestal of intolerance on KFOR-TV's "Flash Point."

I'm going to decline to give up my, as Ms. Kerns calls it, "lifestyle which is so destructive to individuals, is at the heart trying to tear down what is the bedrock foundation of our society, which is the family and traditional marriage."

I'm going to keep tearing down our society. I'm going to push the envelope with my three children and my legally wedded wife. Not only that, I'm going to proudly proclaim my kids' two dads, two wonderful gay men, and not for one second feel any shame.

That and go to the grocery store.

I'm not sure I've quite felt so powerful as I did today, walking down the pasta aisle and picking out my favorite brand of crushed tomatoes. Because that decision? Well, let me tell you, that decision is part of my homosexual agenda.

Although I think we should have a his and hers kinda thing. The homosexual agenda and the lesbian agenda. I know the guys would be far more stylish, have more parties, and actually network. We lesbians would be far better at process, pot lucks, and sharing rides in our Subaru station wagons.

In comfortable shoes.

You know what? I do want to tear down that bedrock Sally Kern is so comfortable living on. I do want to get out a chisel and a jack hammer and blast it away. Because any bedrock that requires calling people "cancer" and deeming a change to their worlds as a threat greater than terrorism?

It has to go. Anything that keeps that kind of hate in tact, anything that makes someone like Rep. Kern feel like she can say publicly on Easter Sunday her brand of bigotry is supported by God? That needs to go.

Personally? I'm going to go infiltrate the Elementary school by showing up, two moms and two dads, at my kids parent teacher conferences. I'm going to attend little league baseball games by the thousands.

I'm going to go to the PTO meetings... okay, that may be pushing it.

I know that each time I do, a few more people realize lesbians are regular folks with kids and mortgages and we forget the water bottle sometimes, too.

And Sally Kern -- and all those who feel so privileged to throw hateful stones at me? Well, those stones are going to be coming from her own bedrock.

The one crumbling underneath her.