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Twenty-Five Great Meals
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We all have one. Maybe it was the first taste of grilled kebabs from a busy street vendor in Istanbul that opened our eyes to the flavor and culture of that city. Or maybe it was something more familiar: a roast beef sandwich that someone special made for us when we were young, or a plate of fried fish we once shared with a good friend. It could be the eureka moment we had at the Michelin-starred restaurant in France or at the local Chinese takeout, or it could just be the refried beans that were always on the family table. The meals recounted here are more than mere experiences; they're symbols of who we are. No matter where they took place or what dishes were served, whether they occurred in a time of war or peace, of scarcity or plenty, they connect us. They remind us of the power of food, the comfort of memory, and the simple fact that every meal we sit down to has the potential for greatness. - The Editors

Plus: Share your greatest meals with the editors.

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