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July 31, 2014

Siberian Hole Mystery Solved?

Andrey Naumenko/Siberian Times via Youtube

The End of Accelerator Physics?

Lhcplease AP

So far, the LHC as well as searches elsewhere for neutralinos have come up empty. While many technical and popular articles have declared, "supersymmetry is dead," this is not yet quite the case. SUSY is still alive, but on life support.

Scientists Create 'See-Through' Mice

See Through Mice
Cell, Bin Yang, and Viviana Gradinaru

New 'Map' Puts Dinosaur Shrinkage In Spotlight

Science Photo Library - MARK GARLICK via Getty Images

Ancient Earth's 'Face-Lift' Detailed In New Model

So THAT'S Why The Moon Is Shaped A Bit Like A Lemon

Moon Shape
somchaisom via Getty Images

Famous Mummy Gives Scientists Another Big Surprise

Otzi Heart Disease
Kennis/South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Mystery Of 'Ground Zero Ship' Solved After Four Years

World Trade Center Ship
Lower Manhattan Development Corp., Columbia

CALCULATED: Surprising New Estimate Of Milky Way's Mass

Milky Way Mass
ESO/H.H. Heyer

Researchers Observe Gnarly Waves In Arctic Ocean For First Time

Arctic Ocean
Dale Wilson via Getty Images

Physicist Creates Ice Cream That Changes Color With Every Lick

Ice Cream Colorful
christingasner via Getty Images

New Study Suggests Another Good Reason To Avoid Working Late

In The Zone Work
Anthony Lee via Getty Images

MAPPED: Icy Moon's Trove Of Geysers

Enceladus Geysers

Here's What Happens To A Cheeseburger Inside Your Stomach

WATCH: The Real Reason We Still Don't Have A Vaccine For Ebola

Callista Images via Getty Images

Two New Mysterious Holes Discovered By Herders

Crater Siberia
Twitter/Siberian Times

Americans Aren't Sure If Trying To Contact Aliens Is Such A Great Idea

Kevin Ross via Getty Images

Soon There May Be A 'Universal' Blood Test For Cancer

Finger Pinprick
oguzdkn via Getty Images

Here's The Icky Reason Dogs Sniff Each Other's Butts

Dog Sniff Butt
Jean Louis Aubert via Getty Images

WATCH: 'What We Found Could Not Be Explained By Known Physics'

Perseus Cluster
NASA, CXC, SAO, E.Bulbul, et al.

Artifacts Yield Surprise About Pacific Empire

Tonga Empire
Geoffrey Clark

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Aging Rover Breaks Big Record

Mars Opportunity Rover

Long-Lost Anchor May Soon Give Up Its Secrets

Long Lost Anchor
Texas A&M University

Watch This Beautiful King Cheetah Give Birth To Four Cubs

Cheetah Gives Birth
YouTube / Africamvideos

UNEARTHED: Ancient Carving Bearing Scars Of Religious Revolution

Egyptian Carving
V. . Francigny/Sedeinga Mission

Where You Look Shows Whether You're In Love—Or Just Lusting

Eyes Reveal Love
Stephanie Cacioppo

How Your Face Affects First Impressions

Tetra Images via Getty Images

Can Pollution Point The Way To Alien Life?

Alien Planet
Christine Pulliam CfA

Source Of Sky's Eerie Glow Identified

Xray Glow
NASA/RXTE-COBE/Revnivtsev et al

Planet Formation Theories Now In Doubt

Hot Jupider

Did We Get Dinosaur Feathers All Wrong?

Dinosaur Feathers
Andrey Atuchin

Did Bad Luck Doom The Dinos?

Dinosaur Asteroid Impact
estt via Getty Images

Study Shows Why Fist Bumps Are Better

Obama Fist Bump

This Is What The World Looks Like, According To Quantum Mechanics


Earth Is Experiencing A New Mass-Extinction Event, Scientists Say

Günay Mutlu via Getty Images