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August 21, 2014

Is Racism Just a Form of Stupidity?

Racism Walter Bibikow via Getty Images

A small cadre of psychological scientists have continued over the years to explore the controversial connection between low intelligence and prejudice, and at this point they have overcome most of the methodological barricades, allowing them to rigorously analyze and answer this important societal question.

Here's How Long We Canoodled With The Neanderthals

Dna Neanderthal

Storied University Is Seeking A Real-Life Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka
Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images

YIKES: Clever Illustration Shows That Rosetta Comet Is Crazy-Big

Handout via Getty Images

Can A Wobbly Table Really Be Steadied With Nothing But Math?


These Toothless Giants Once Ruled The Skies

Pterosaurs Widespread
Wikimedia Commons/Mark Witton and Darren Naish

Slo-Mo Video Shows Why Jellyfish Stings Are So Painful

Jellyfish Sting Video

WATCH: It's OK To Pee In The Ocean, And Here's Why

Pee In Ocean

New Study Points To Big Weak Spot In Airport Security

Passport Id Study
David White -- CC BY SA

Kids' Drawings May Predict Intelligence Later In Life

Childrens Drawings Intelligence
Twins Early Development Study/King's College

Rover Runs Into Trouble, Turns Back

Curiosity Rover Sand Trap

New Research Reshapes Theories About Titanic Disaster

Hms Titanic
Wikimedia Commons

EXPLAINED: Why Pygmies Are So Short

George Perry

After Decades Of Uncertainty, Odd Fossil Finally Has A Home

Wikimedia Commons: Apokryltaros at en.wikipedia

Bone Study Reveals Strange Diet Of Medieval King

Richard Iii
LEON NEAL via Getty Images

LOOK: Stars Shine Bright Like Diamonds In New Hubble Image

Hubble Globular Cluster

Hitchhikers From Interstellar Space?

Dust Particle
Stardust ISPE/ NRL

Mysterious Light Seen Near Huge Black Hole


Scientist Kept Mum About Lab Blunder, Report Says

Bird Flu Cdc

Time To Rethink Your Antiperspirant?

Armpit Bacteria Deodorants
Cultura RM/Jeremy Rice via Getty Images

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Is THIS Why Women Get PMS?

Evolution Pms
Darren Robb via Getty Images

WATCH: A Line Of Watermelons Explodes In Slo Mo

Black Hole Mystery Solved

Black Holes Sizes
Pool via Getty Images

University Says Staff Didn't Harm Ball-Riding Monkey

ALEX OGLE via Getty Images

Cosmic Rubble Just May Help Save Our Planet

Science Photo Library - ANDRZEJ WOJCICKI via Getty Images

Shipwreck's Centuries-Old Booze Still Drinkable

Shipwreck Alcohol Bottle
National Maritime Museum

Way Older Than We Thought?

Pharaoh Rameses Ii Mummy
Patrick Landmann via Getty Images

Like Mother, Like Son

Courtesy Andrew Harrelson

15 Top Scientists Share Their Science Fiction Favorites

New Solar Plants Igniting Birds In Midair, Investigators Say

Bloomberg via Getty Images

UNLEASHED: 1,000-Robot Swarm

Bizarre Flying Reptile Unearthed

Ancient Flying Reptiles
Maurilio Oliveira/Museu Nacional-UFRJ

5 Viruses That Are Scarier Than Ebola

Fuse via Getty Images

INFOGRAPHIC: Cremation Is More Popular Than Ever, And Here's Why

Cremation Urn
Chris Hondros via Getty Images