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September 16, 2014

Do We Have an Internal Calorie Counter?

Obesity Fast Food Getty

Most of us don't even know what a gram of apple or an ounce of milk looks like, so how can we possibly calculate a sensible portion? Well, perhaps arithmetic is not required, and it may even be misleading.

Chemistry Lab Mishap Injures Four High School Students


Now We Know If Scrabble Champs Are Smarter Than Crossword Mavens

WATCH: Nothing Seems To Stop This Rubbery Robot

Soft Robots

Ancient Beast Named After 'Avatar' Creature

Chuang Zhao/Chinese Academy of Sciences

Scientists Capture The Sound Of A Single Atom

Sound Atom
Philip Krantz, Krantz NanoArt.

Strong Solar Storm Thrown Our Way

Solar Storms

Say Hello To Spinosaurus!

Spinosaurus Illustration
Davide Bonadonna

After Long Drive, Rover Brags About Its Arrival


Oddly Intact Ship Located 115 Years After It Sank

Franklin Expedition Ship
Parks Canada

Who's Happier—Liberals Or Conservatives?

Happiness Gap
Fabrice LEROUGE via Getty Images

Weird Swamp Creature Named For Sir Mick—And For Good Reason

Mick Jagger
Terry O'Neill/Getty Images

Gruesome Suit Of Armor Unearthed At Building Site

Bone Armor 3
The Siberian Times

'Smart Headlights' May Revolutionize Nighttime Driving

Smart Headlight
Carnegie Mellon University

WATCH: Hypnotic Video Uses Bowling Balls To Explain Physics

Scientists Poke Big Hole In Volcano Theory

Volcano Model
Dorling Kindersley via Getty Images

WATCH: Stunning Time-Lapse From Space Will Leave You In Absolute Awe

DISCOVERED: Lost Ship From Doomed Arctic Expedition

Erebus And Terror
Getty Images

You Can (Digitally) Destroy Your City With A Comet Strike

Asteroid Hits Earth
PaulPaladin via Getty Images

Huge New Dinosaur Found Embedded In Cliff Wall

Dinosaur Quarry
P. O'Connor, Ohio University

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REVEALED: Freaky Thing Your Brain Does In Sleep

Brain Learns Sleep
minemero via Getty Images

Scientists Unearth 1,000-Year-Old Fortress

Viking Fortress
Danish Castle Center

Here's Why Your Poop Is Green--It's Just Science

Cartoon Poop
sammyc via Getty Images

11-Year-Old Makes Discovery Of A Lifetime While Washing His Hands


Smelling Something Fishy Actually Makes People More Suspicious

John Kuczala via Getty Images

You Won't BELIEVE These Catapult Trick Shots


Archeologists Make Remarkable Find In Greek Underground Chambers


LISTEN: This Is What The Sun Sounds Like

Solar Wind Sound
NASA via Getty Images

WATCH: Eruption Sends Shockwave You Have To See To Believe


WATCH: Five Big Myths About Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Facts
Yuriy Priymak/Stocktrek Images via Getty Images

These 'Chemistry Life Hacks' Are Serious Game Changers

Chemistry Life Hacks
American Chemical Society via Youtube

Higgs Boson Could Do WHAT?

Stephen Hawking Higgs Boson
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

Weird Link Found Between Men's Faces, Semen Quality

Semen Analysis
Roland Birke via Getty Images

Earth's 'Deep History' Gets Major Rewrite

Quentin Crowley