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March 30, 2015

Psychopath. Successful Psychopath.

James Bond Sean Connery Archive Photos via Getty Images

The successful psychopath remains something of a scientific enigma. This provisional evidence points to some tantalizing possibilities, but we still do not know for sure why one person with pronounced psychopathic traits ends up as a habitual and cold-blooded criminal while another ends up as the prototype for Agent 007.

Here's How Long It Would Take To Fall Through The Center Of Earth

Fall Through Earth
Photo Researchers Inc via Getty Images

Watch A CD Shatter Into Smithereens... In Slow-Mo!

Humans May Be Wired To Break Up Too, Scientists Say

Couple Break Up
Jamie Grill via Getty Images

How Much Earth Has Changed In 200 Million Years May Surprise You

Don't Believe Everything You Read About That Space Rock

Asteroid Earth
Barcroft via Getty Images

'Crooked King' Reburied 530 Years After His Death

Richard Iii Justin
WPA Pool via Getty Images

What Magicians Can Teach Us About How Not To Be Manipulated

jameslee1 via Getty Images

Science May Explain The Rise Of The Hipster Beard

Men Beards
djedzura via Getty Images

The Truth About Black Holes & The Large Hadron Collider

Black Hole
Science Picture Co via Getty Images

Not Your Ordinary Fire Extinguisher

Fire Sound

'Gaping Hole' Mystery Finally Solved

Jupiter Planet
Andrea Danti via Getty Images

'A Beautiful Mind' Mathematician Wins Prestigious Prize

John Nash
ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Is This The Oldest Case Of Breast Cancer?

Oldest Breast Cancer
Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

Human Waste May Be Flush With Valuable Stuff

Heather Lowers, USGS Denver Microbeam Laboratory

Another Building Block For Life Found On Mars

Curiosity Mars

Study Yields Big Surprise About Inner Earth

Earth Mantle
Johan Swanepoel via Getty Images

What A Mother's Smoking Does To Her Unborn Baby

Smoking Fetus
Durham University

Study Shows Another Big Benefit Of Naps

Gary Houlder via Getty Images

Secret Nazi Lair From WWII Uncovered In Argentina

Argentina Nazi

Scientists Find Ingenious Way To Reuse Those Pesky Packing Peanuts

Packing Peanuts
MW47 via Getty Images

Astronomers Solve Cosmic Mystery

Supernova Remnant

Here's What May Have Turned Dogs Into Man's Best Friend

Dog Oxytocin
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc via Getty Images


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U.S. Pilots Expose Major Holes In Mental Health Screening Process

Carlos Santa Maria via Getty Images

Astronauts Blast Off On Super-Long Mission

One Year
NASA/Bill Stafford

Astronaut Will Return From Space Both Older And Younger Than His Twin

Astronaut Twins
Bill Ingalls/NASA via Getty Images

Doggie Germs May Be Good For Us, And Here's Why

Dog Domestication
Deborah Pendell via Getty Images

Laughter Can Make People Reveal Their Secrets

Laughter Health
Sharon Vos-Arnold via Getty Images

This Will Show You Just How Badass Chameleons Are

NASA Details Bold Asteroid Plan


Car-Sized Salamander Was A Triassic Terror

Monster Salamander
University of Edinburgh

500,000-Year-Old 'Swiss Army Knife' Discovered

Prehistoric Stone Tool
American Friends of Tel Aviv University/AFTAU

11 Fascinating Facts About Seahorses

Seahorse Camouflage
Stephen Frink via Getty Images

Chocolate Could Get Healthier And More Delicious

Chocolate Healthy
Glow Cuisine via Getty Images

Why Loneliness Is A Growing Public Health Issue

beyond foto via Getty Images

The Untold Tale Of Dogs' Domestication

Dog Domestication
Laura Ciapponi via Getty Images

Surprise Finding Adds To Health Worries Over Ocean Plastic


NFL Player Single-Handedly Kills The ‘Dumb Jock' Stereotype