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October 10, 2015

We Can Identify A Friend's Voice After Hearing Just Two Words

Gary Waters via Getty Images

Mars Used To Have Massive Lakes And Streams, NASA Says

The Internet May Be Changing Your Brain In Ways You've Never Imagined

Visuals Unlimited, Inc./Scientifica via Getty Images

6 Amazing 3D-Printed Body Parts That Changed Patients' Lives


Heartbreaking Photo Shows Whales 'Grieving' Over Dead Calf

©Deron Verbeck/

New Study Confirms Depressing Truth About Names And Racial Bias


Can We All Please Agree To Stop Harassing Wildlife?

Live Leak/dcmfox

Here's Where NASA Might Go For Its Next Space Mission

NASA/Getty Images

Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared Of Capitalism, Not Robots


Psychologists Push For Smartphone Warning Labels

yuoak via Getty Images

Depressing New Study Shows Know-It-Alls Get Better Grades


Here's Evidence Something Very Bad Is Happening In Our Oceans

Reinhard Dirscherl/ullstein bild via Getty Images

What Your Eating Habits Reveal About Your Personality

Tara Moore/Getty Images

Candle Soot May Be The Key To A Better Battery For Electric Cars

Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

This Hippo-Sized Prehistoric Beast Ate Like A Vacuum Cleaner

Ray Troll


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This Is How You 'Collect' Lava


NASA Just Released Thousands Of New Photos Of Outer Space


These Foods Might Be The Secret To A Happy Brain

Baloncici via Getty Images

3 Scientists Win Nobel Prize In Chemistry For Studies In DNA Repair

Wiki Commons

Futuristic Device Fixes Holes In The Heart Without Invasive Surgery

Boston Children's Hospital

Fishermen Find Rare Giant Squid In Hawaii

Mathew Fowler

14 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Science-Lovers

Here's How To Watch The Draconid Meteor Shower

AFP via Getty Images