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October 23, 2014

Get Set For The Eclipse


Your Atomic Self: The Invisible Elements That Connect You to Everything Else in the Universe (EXCERPT)

Like the sound of a sonata, like Mozart, Einstein, and Whitman, you too will be gone someday. But like the abstract structure of a musical composition, the space-time coordinates and emergent patterns of your life are immortal, and your atomic and subatomic components will continue to exist in many and varied forms for trillions of years.

Notebook From Doomed Expedition Found Encased In Ice

George Murray Levick
Antarctic Heritage Trust

Powerful Flares Disrupt Communication Systems

Solar Flare

Ancient Bones Yield Big Surprise About What Gladiators Ate, Drank

Gladiator Diet
Medical University of Vienna

Nazi U-Boat, Freighter Found Off North Carolina Coast

With permission from Ed Caram

'Autopsy' Reveals Big Surprises About Boy King


Why Chickens Have Changed

Poultry Science

Why Ebola Kills Some, But Others Survive

Survive Ebola
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Skywatchers Capture Stunning Photos Of Meteor Shower


Scientists Find Another Reason To Avoid Sugary Sodas

Soda Ages You
Melissa Lomax Speelman via Getty Images

15 Ways To Let Fido Have Some Halloween Fun

Hidden Universe Mapped

Casey Stark, UC Berkeley & Khee-Gan Lee, MPIA

You Know How The Universe Got Here. This Is Where It's Headed

Lawrence Krauss
Tevis PhotoGraphic

TONIGHT: How To See The Meteor Shower

'Once-In-A-Lifetime' Comet Buzzes Mars

Comet Siding Spring

Top-Secret Space Plane Lands After Record-Breaking Mission


'Alien' Sea Creature Caught, Freaks Everyone Out

Alien Sea Creature

Professor Sees Major Problem With 21-Day Ebola Quarantine

Wikimedia Commons: PLOS Biology

Firm Claims Fusion Breakthrough

Nuclear Fusion
Lockheed Martin

'Death Star' Moon Could Be Hiding 'Life-Friendly' Ocean

Universal History Archive via Getty Images

Now We Know How Huge Ancient Roos Got Around

Giant Kangaroos Walked
Brian Regal

Scientists Solve Mystery Of Pot-Smoking 'Ice Princess'

Siberian Ice Princess
Wiki Commons

Talk Nerdy To Me
The Science Of Self-Confidence

Body Language
Astrid Stawiarz via Getty Images

Ancient Cult Complex Discovered, May Be Temple Of Baal

Baal Cult Complex

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'Once-In-A-Career' Discovery

Iron Age Chariot
University of Leicester

Now You Can See Jane Goodall's Chimps, Thanks To Google Street View

Chimpanzee Street View
Google Street View

This Puppy-Sized Spider Makes Us Want To Cuddle (PHOTOS)

Huge Spider
Piotr Naskrecki / Minden Pictures

Anatomy Of A Killer

Laguna Design via Getty Images

White House Halts Funding On Risky Flu Studies

Research Lab
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Another Month, Another Heat Record Broken

Heat Record
Renee McKay via Getty Images

Adorable Sloths Bring Out The Advocates

Sloth C Section
Sam Trull/The Sloth Institute

Suffocation, Starvation?

Mars One
Mars One

Ancient Village Found In Petrified Forest

Ancient Village Arizona

Here's Why Pizza Tastes So Incredibly Good

Chemistry Pizza
YouTube / Reactions

Incredibly Rare Sea Creature Washes Ashore

Beached Whale
ORRCA via Twitter