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July 28, 2015

Centuries-Old Clock Puzzle Finally Solved

Wikimedia Commons: Caspar Netscher

Why We Must Stop The Killer Robots NOW

Top Science Publisher Failing Minority Groups, Industry Leaders Say

Pamela Moore

The Best Way To Train A 'Hyper' Dog, According To Science

Researchers Discover Incredible Mayan Monument

Tulane Public Relations

WATCH: Fascinating Facts About Your Dog

How Educators Are Starting To Embrace The Concept Of 'Good Screen Time'

Mike Simons via Getty Images

Shark Kills Diver While Daughter Watches In Horror

Farming May Have Started Way Earlier Than Scientists Thought

Credit: Associated Press

Why We Can't Stop Watching Disgusting Videos


Colossal Squid Caught On Video By Startled Russian Sailors

Credit: LiveLeak/YouTube

'Snot Bot' Drone Aids Whale Research By Collecting You-Know-What


5 Scary Health Effects Of Sleep Deprivation During The Teen Years

Dolphin Won't Leave Dead Calf's Side In Heartbreaking Video

Oceanomare Delphis

Scientists Find 4-Legged Snake Fossil

University of Portsmouth

Archaeologists May Have Been Wrong About Where Alexander The Great's Father Was Buried



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What Your Favorite Songs Can Tell You About The Way Your Brain Works


NASA's Kepler Mission Discovers Earth's 'Cousin'

NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle

These Sea Sapphires Can 'Disappear' Before Your Eyes, And Scientists Finally Know How

Credit: liquidguru/Vimeo

Turns Out Boa Constrictors Might Not Actually Suffocate Their Prey

Your Face Could Seal Your Fate In Court

Marc Janks, The Huffington Post

Kepler Telescope Discovers A New Earth-Like Planet


New Study Links Chronic Jet Lag To Weight Gain, Early Breast Cancer Onset

Getty Images

New Crew Arrives At International Space Station After 2-Month Delay

The Soyuz TMA-17M rocket, as seen in this long exposure, launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on July 23, 2015 in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. The Soyuz rocket carries Expedition 44 Soyuz Commander Oleg Kon