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December 22, 2014

'Reborn' Spacecraft Makes Major Find

NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T Pyle

Mars Methane: Life at Last?

Mars SCIEPRO via Getty Images

It might be life, or it might not be. But the good news is that we now have evidence of some sort of activity under the surface of Mars -- phenomena subject to solid, repeatable measurement.

The Milky Way Has A New Neighbor

D. Makarov

Clay Seals Discovered In Israel Tied To Era Of David And Solomon

Photo by University of Wisconsin/Nathaniel Greene

How To Watch The Last Meteor Shower Of 2014

Meteor Shower
Babek Tafreshi via Getty Images

Stonehenge Discovery Could Rewrite History

Image Hans Elbers via Getty Images

How Hugs Can Help You Fight The Flu

Group Hug
Trinette Reed via Getty Images

Familiar Pain Reliever May Add Years To Life

Person Taking Pill

They Paid A Price For Their Domestication

Horse Domestication
Reichardt, Vince via Getty Images

Moos Carry A Lot More Meaning Than You Ever Imagined

How Cows Communicate
Panoramic Images via Getty Images

Prof Says Elf On The Shelf Is Preparing Your Child To Live In A Police State

Elf On The Shelf
Maureen Sullivan via Getty Images

Mystery Of Ancient Skeleton And His Dagger Is Finally Solved

Man Dagger
Chichester District Council

New Clue In Search For Life On Mars

Curiosity Rover

'Sparks' Really Do Fly When An Egg And A Sperm Hook Up

Egg Sparks
Northwestern News/vimeo

Why Does Time Move In Only One Direction?

Arrow Of Time
© Perimeter Institute of Physics

NASA Can See Your Christmas Lights... From Space!

Christmas Lights House
HannamariaH via Getty Images

Alcatraz Inmates Could Have Survived Escape, And Here's How

Alcatraz Prison
Andres Rodriguez via Getty Images

Here's Why Birds Don't Have Teeth

Birds Teeth
Sven Zacek via Getty Images

Bill Nye Expertly Explains Evolution Using Emoji

Bill Nye Emoji

Your Personality Says A Lot About Your Health

Personality Immune System
Dan Dalton via Getty Images

Evidence For Dark Matter Finally Found?

Dark Matter Signal

Repairmen Stumble Upon Historic Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Tiny Robots Take Their First Steps

Small Molecular Walker
University of Oxford

NASA's 'All About That Space' Parody Is 100 Percent Adorkable

All About That Space


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BUSTED: 4 Common Cold Myths

Catching Cold
kieferpix via Getty Images

'Million Mummies' Discovery Disputed

Brigham Young University

Elon Musk's Hyperloop Could Be Just 10 Years Away


Weird Link Found Between Testosterone, Spicy Food

Hot Sauce

Distant Galaxies Put On Spectacular Light Show

Galaxy Grazing Encounter
NASA/CXC/SAO/S.Mineo et al, NASA/STScI, Infr

Early Humans Ate Like Pigs (Literally)

De Agostini Picture Library via Getty Images

This Is What Happens When You Step On Lava

Lava Step
Youtube/Maureen Kirkpatrick

Finally, Some Unflattering Research About Introverts

Lilly Roadstones via Getty Images

5 Genius Tech Gifts Procrastinators Should Buy Now

Parrot Mini Drone
STAN HONDA via Getty Images

Man Successfuly Controls 2 Prosthetic Arms With Just His Thoughts

Prosthetic Arms Brain
JHU Applied Physics Laboratory

Why We Make Bad Food Decisions, Even When We Know Better

Box Donuts
Steven Errico via Getty Images

Comet's True Colors Revealed


Men Do The Dumbest Things, According To Science

sturti via Getty Images

Science Guy Speaks Out About Biggest Danger Of Creationism

Bill Nye

Cosmic Merger To Yield Colossal Star

Binary Star
Javier Lorenzo, Universidad de Alicante