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September 19, 2014

Pushing Women and People of Color Out of Science Before We Go In

Woman Science Men Minerva Studio via Getty Images

I am a senior MIT, a materials engineer, an honors student, and a woman. I also have been told hundreds of times that I don't deserve to be where I am. The idea that there was some sort of quota for women would be repeated to me over and over in the coming months, and it only got worse when I went to MIT.

Archeologists Make Grisly Discovery At Sobibor


Scientist Shoots Down Long-Standing Theory About Peacocks

Peacock Tail

Here's The Surprising Reason Your Face Is Unique

People Really DO Look Like Their Dogs, And Here's Why

Look Like Dog
Sadahiko Nakajima

WATCH: On-Stage Stunt Spotlights Big Challenge For Justice System

Saul Kassin
YouTube / World Science Festival

Real-Life 'Kraken' Dissected On Webcam

Colossal Squid
MARTY MELVILLE via Getty Images

Now We Know What Killed Richard III

Richard Iii Skull
AFP via Getty Images

So Much For Religious People Being More Righteous

Adam Eve
DEA / A. DAGLI ORTI via Getty Images

Scientists Show Thriller To 'Vegetative' Man, Get Big Surprise

Alfred Hitchcock Gun
CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Two Firms Win Big Contracts To Build 'Space Taxis'

Charles Bolden
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Scientists Create Freaky New Form Of Light

Solid Light
Andrew A. Houck, Princeton

Landing Site Selected For Historic Mission

J Site

WATCH: Robotic Cheetah Runs & Jumps Almost Like The Real Thing

How Technology Changed Baby Names

Qwerty Effect Baby Names
Katie Clarke via Getty Images

Chemistry Lab Mishap Injures Four High School Students


Now We Know If Scrabble Champs Are Smarter Than Crossword Mavens

Scientists Capture The Sound Of A Single Atom

Sound Atom
Philip Krantz, Krantz NanoArt.

Who's Happier—Liberals Or Conservatives?

Happiness Gap
Fabrice LEROUGE via Getty Images

Gruesome Suit Of Armor Unearthed At Building Site

Bone Armor 3
The Siberian Times

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This Might Explain Why Diet Soda Drinkers Are Often Overweight

lola1960 via Getty Images

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Spinosaurus Illustration
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Scientists Hawaii Lava
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Here Are The 21 MacArthur Geniuses You Should Know This Year


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Love Smell
shironosov via Getty Images

Weird Swamp Creature Named For Sir Mick—And For Good Reason

Mick Jagger Lips
Christopher Simon Sykes via Getty Images

These Proposed Textbooks Get Climate Change All Wrong, Experts Say

Texas Textbooks

REVEALED: Freaky Thing Your Brain Does In Sleep

Brain Learns Sleep
minemero via Getty Images

WATCH: Why Is My Poop Green?

Cartoon Poop
sammyc via Getty Images

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