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February 1, 2015

If E.T. Comes Calling

So what happens if the aliens land? Here, on Earth. I'm not talking about detecting a radio signal or a laser flash from hundreds of light-years away. I'm speaking of visitors who actually set their boots on the ground. What do we do? It may surprise you to learn that there's precious little preparation for such an eventuality.

Your Dog Can Get Alzheimer's Too

Old Dog
Pencefn via Getty Images

Telescope Spies 'God's Hand' In Space

Space Globule

Blackbeard's Pirate Ship Yields Frightening Finds

North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources

Binge-Watching Netflix Is Making You Feel Lonely And Depressed

Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images

Super-Ancient Solar System Found

Kepler 444
Tiago Campante/Peter Devine

Ancient Skull Sheds New Light On Human-Neanderthal Sex

Ancient Human Skull
Israel Hershkovitz, Ofer Marder & Omry Barzilai

WATCH: How SpaceX Will Reuse Its Rockets Is Pretty Remarkable

Spacex Reusable Rocket

Have Scientists Finally Found A Cure For Hair Loss?

Baldness Cure
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Dino Discovered Overseas Called 'Extreme,' And For Good Reason

Long Neck Dinosaur China
Illustration: Lida Xing

What Would Happen If We All Suddenly Vanished?

If Humans Disappeared
bestdesigns via Getty Images

No, You Probably Won't Get Addicted To Facebook

Facebook Addiction
Dean Belcher via Getty Images

'Super Saturn' Discovered

Saturn Planet
Ron Miller

Nobel-Winning Physicist Dies At 99

Charles Townes
UC Berkeley: Elena Zhukova

Grainy Images Reveal Tiny Moon Orbiting Big Asteroid

Asteroid Moon

Forget Deflategate, Bill Nye Wants You to 'Give A F**k' About Climate Change

Bill Nye
Funny or Die

'Human Shadow' On Mars Has People Talking


Ancient Iceman Gives Scientists 'Big Surprise'

David Freeman

WATCH: The Moon's Evolution In One Fantastic 30-Second GIF

Here's A Science-Backed Guide To De-Icing Your Driveway

Spreading Salt Ice

Is Climate Change To Blame For The Northeast Snow Storm?

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images


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Controversial New Study Links Circumcision, Autism

Newborn Boy
Tom Merton via Getty Images

No More Basking?

Sea Turtle Basking
Andrea Izzotti via Getty Images

Writer's Long-Missing Bones May Have Been Found

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

What Science Has To Say About 'Deflategate'

Deflated Football
spxChrome via Getty Images

Squid's Odd Behavior Caught On Video

Flashing Giant Squid
Joel Hollander

Freaky Atmospheric Phenomenon Seen In Video Shot Overseas

Three Suns
ITN Productions

Scientists' Opinions Are Very Different From Most Americans'

Nicolas Loran via Getty Images

Ancient Underwater Forest Discovered

Underwater Forest
Rob Spray/REX USA

The World's Greatest Lost Treasures, Still Waiting To Be Found


Meet The Bull That Fathered Half A Million

Toystory Bull

This Is What The Underside Of An Iceberg Looks Like


One Of North America's Rarest Mammals Spotted In Yosemite

Sierra Nevada Red Fox

Could Depression Be Caused By Inflammation In The Brain?

Depression Brain
SCIEPRO via Getty Images

Scientists Find Way To 'Unboil' An Egg

Unboiling Eggs
Steve Zylius/UC Irvine

Neil deGrasse Tyson Was Wrong, And He's Not Afraid To Admit It

Neil Degrasse
Cindy Ord via Getty Images