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October 5, 2015

The Truth About Farming On Mars


China Is Genetically Engineering Mini Pigs To Sell As Pets

anopdesignstock via Getty Images

11 Science Facts That Seem More Like Science Fiction

Elon Musk Knows His Life Makes The Average Mortal's Head Spin

Bloomberg via Getty Images

This Machine Will Create The Largest Manmade Waves In The World


Hurricane Joaquin Looks Surreal From Space

ESA/Science Source via Getty Images

Why You Shouldn’t Be Mad About This Car-Sharing App For The 1%


Space Agencies Team Up Against Killer Asteroids

Handout via Getty Images

Amazing New Charon Photos Reveal Pluto Moon's Violent Past


If Animal Names Were Totally Honest

Facebook/Beast Boy

The Surprising Reason Some People Can’t Help Being Debbie Downer

Shutterstock / Aaron Amat

These Tiny Worms May Help Solve Our Plastic Waste Problem

Yu Yang

One Trick Made These Animal Photos Look Totally 3D

Philippe Martin

How The Brains Of Happy, Successful People Are Wired

Sergey7777 via Getty Images

White House Explores How 'Citizen Science' Can Help Society

Marka via Getty Images

We See Men As More Creative, And That's A Big Problem For Women

Alma Haser via Getty Images


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Office Workers Aren't The Only Ones Suffering From Sitting All Day

David Lees via Getty Images

Why Bill Nye Is So Pumped About The Mars Water Discovery

Jun Sato via Getty Images

A Brief Walk May Be All It Takes To Counter One Negative Effect Of Sitting

Henrik Sorensen via Getty Images

Totally Trippy Video Captures The Haunting Beauty Of Hawaii Volcano

Page Films/Vimeo

Chile's 'Dirty Thunderstorm' Is The Mesmerizing Result Of Volcanic Chaos

BBC Earth/Facebook

Scientists Are Dyeing California's Ocean Pink

UCSD's Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Scientists Discover 'Glowing' Sea Turtle via David Gruber

Long-Lost 'Secret Rooms' May Have Been Found In King Tut's Tomb