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July 25, 2014

Women in the Sciences Report Harassment and Assault

Science Women Noel Hendrickson via Getty Images

Our main findings -- that women trainees were disproportionately targeted for abuse, and that targets generally felt they had few avenues to report or resolve these problems -- suggest that at least some science field sites are neither safe nor inclusive.

This Is What Gaza Looks Like From Space Right Now


Russia Loses Contact With Satellite Full Of Mating Lizards

BHS via Getty Images

Where You Look Shows Whether You're In Love—Or Just Lusting

Eyes Reveal Love
Stephanie Cacioppo

Interior Of Deadly Volcano To Be Mapped

Wikimedia Commons: Lyn Topinka, CarolSpears

Jealousy May Not Be Just A Human Thing

Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography via Getty Images

LISTEN: Armstrong's Heartbeat Is Now The Bass Line For A Lennon Cover

Neil Armstrong Hearbeat
YouTube / Louise Gold

Alien World Sets New Record

Exoplanet Kepler 421b
David A. Aguilar/CfA

The Sun Has Gone Eerily Quiet... Or Has It?

Quiet Sun

So, This Is What It's Like To Live On Mars

Stedman Hiseas
Ross Lockwood/HI-SEAS

These Big Guys Surprise Scientists With 'Superior Sense'

Elephant Smell
Panoramic Images via Getty Images

WATCH: NASA Spacecraft Just One Year Away From Pluto

New Horizons Pluto
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

WATCH: You've Never Seen Gravity Explained Like This

What Is Gravity

The Brain Myth That Just Refuses To Go Away

10 Percent Of Brain

Mysteries Of Schizophrenia Revealed In Breakthrough Study

Schizophrenia Genetic Markers
AP Photo/Cardiff University School of Medicine

Exercise May Literally Change How You See The World

WATCH: What Happens To Each And Every Cell In A Developing Embryo

Developing Embryo
Branson, Amat, Lemon and Keller/HHMI/Janelia

Secrets Of Strange Arches Revealed

Sandstone Arch
andrearoad via Getty Images

PHOTOS: Rare Glimpses Of Apollo 11 Mission

Apollo 11 Photos

EXPLAINED: What Happens When An Amoeba 'Eats' The Brain

Naegleria Fowleri
CDC via Wikimedia Commons

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Satellites Reveal Shocking Groundwater Loss

Colorado River
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Neil deGrasse Tyson Weighs In On Congress, Climate Change

Neil Degrasse Tyson
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

EXPLAINED: Black Hole's Epic Fail

Sagittarius A

WATCH: Morgan Freeman Grills NASA Astronauts

Morgan Freeman

Particle Mystery Solved?

Proton Spin
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Astronaut From 'Icebusters' Crew Dies At 80

Hank Hartsfield

Creationist: Aliens Will Go To Hell

Ken Ham
JEFF HAYNES via Getty Images

WATCH: Sparks Fly On Red Planet

Curiosity Laser

Scientists Make Surprise Discovery During Tomb Restoration

Great Pyramid Of Giza
Tobias Helbig via Getty Images

EXPLAINED: Why This Family Walks On All Fours


Massive Volcano 'In Critical State,' May Be Ready To Blow, Scientists Say

Mount Fuji
Yoshikazu Tsuno via Getty Images

Comet Chaser Makes Surprise Discovery

Comet Chaser
ESA, C. Carreau/ATG medialab

Black Hole Mystery Solved?

MARK GARLICK via Getty Images

15 Scientific Terms That Sound Dirty, But Really Aren't