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October 31, 2014

Our Mesmerizing Micro World

Noah Fram-Schwartz/Nikon Small World

The Creative Gifts of ADHD

Creativity Blend Images/Aliyev Alexei Sergeevich via Getty Images

To be sure, ADHD can make it difficult for students to pay attention in class and organize their lives. The importance of learning key attentional control skills should not be undervalued. But let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

11 Reasons To Fear Robots (NSFW)

Scary Terminator Robot
Clive Mason via Getty Images

FOUND: Space Probe's Crash Site

Ladee Impact
NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University

Archeologists Make Incredible Find In Tunnel Sealed 2,000 Years Ago

Mexico Archeologists

Why Are So Many Women Ignoring Heart Attack Symptoms?

Woman Heart
James Day via Getty Images

Has A Piece Of Earhart's Plane Finally Been Found?

Amelia Earhart Plane

Kindness Really Does Make You More Attractive

Nice Guy
Lívia Fernandes - Brazil. via Getty Images

Here's What Was On Board That Doomed Rocket

Antares Rocket
STEVE ALEXANDER via Getty Images

Disaster In Virginia

Wallops Island Nasa Explosion

Why These Neuroscientists Are Prescribing Video Games

Center for BrainHealth

Surgeons Perform First-Ever 'Dead Heart' Transplants

Heart Transplant

Psst. Jupiter's Been 'Spying' On You.

Jupiter Eye
NASA/ESA/A. Simon - Goddard Space Flight Center

Coldest Place On Earth

Coldest Copper

Faraway Ice Giant Is First Discovered Outside Our Solar System

Uranus Like Planet
SCIEPRO via Getty Images

Dead Pigs Dumped Into The Ocean... For Science!

Pig Decomposing

Rare Mammoth Fossils Discovered

Mammoth Idaho

The Good News & The Bad News About Beating Obesity

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

A.I. Scientists May Be 'Summoning The Demon'

Elon Musk
MARK RALSTON via Getty Images

REVEALED: Timing Of Human-Neanderthal Sex

Ust Ishim
Bence Viola, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary

WATCH: Giant Leap From Stratosphere Sets New Record

Alan Eustace Record
© Paragon Space Development Corporation

New Study Links Your Birthday To Your Mood, Personality

Baby Winter
Andriy Prokopenko via Getty Images

Scientists Say Proof Of Jack The Ripper's Identity Is Fatally Flawed

Jack The Ripper

Scientists Say We're All A Little Bit Face-ist

John Lund via Getty Images

Notebook From Doomed Expedition Found Encased In Ice

George Murray Levick
Antarctic Heritage Trust

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Why Health Workers Wearing Protective Suits Still Catch Ebola

Personal Protective Equipment
DOMINIQUE FAGET via Getty Images

Popcorn Popping In Slow Motion Will Mesmerize You, Make You Want Snack

Popcorn Popping
slow mo lab

11 Of The Scariest Looking Creatures In The Animal Kingdom

Getty Images via Getty Images

EXPLAINED: Why Scratching Makes You Itch More

PM Images via Getty Images

'Science Guy' Breaks Down What Royals Messed Up

First Base Slide

Will The Antares Explosion Set Back The Commercialization Of Space?

Antares Launch

Stinginess May Save You Money, But It'll Cost You In Stress

Holding Money
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Ancient Code Finally Cracked

Phaistos Disc
UniversalImagesGroup via Getty Images

One-Of-A-Kind Fossil Reveals Stegosaur's Deadly Side

Stegosaur Tails
Robert Bakker

Why Big, Old, Fat, Fertile Female Fish Are Rockstars Of The Ocean

Boffff Dixon
Karna McKinney/NOAA

Scientists Find Another Reason To Avoid Sugary Sodas

Soda Ages You
Melissa Lomax Speelman via Getty Images