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March 6, 2015

Fifty Shades of Animal Sex and the Evolution of Sadomasochism

Animal Handcuffs John Mcallister via Getty Images

From an evolutionary point of view, however, sexual attraction to pain would seem to be maladaptive. Pain is, by definition, aversive. It evolved as a signal to get our attention and keep us out of trouble.

Slo-Mo Mantis Gives Scientists A Major Surprise

It Wasn't A Gun That Did This

Lockheed Martin Truck
Lockheed Martin

NASA Probe Arrives At Dwarf Planet

Ceres Nasa Dawn

Bill Nye Says He's 'Revised His Outlook' On GMOs

Bill Nye
Reed Saxon/AP

Science Explains Why Men Like Women With Curvy Booties

Jlo Iggy Butts
Todd Williamson/Invision/AP

What Sunset Would Look Like If The Sun Were Swapped With Other Stars

Sun Replaced Stars
Martin Vargic

Fossil Shows Humans Existed Way Earlier Than We Thought

Brian Villmoare

Turns Out 'Beer Googles' Work Both Ways

Bar Woman Drinking
brown54486 via Getty Images

Distant Space Probe Sees Its Own Spooky Shadow

Rosetta Shadow

Letting Your Mind Wander Can Make You More Productive

Mind Wandering
Piotr Powietrzynski via Getty Images

Old Bones Tell Tale Of Violent Death

Knight Jousting
Headland Archaeology UK Ltd

Maybe He Only Plays Dumb


And The Average Penis Size Is...

Average Penis Length
RapidEye via Getty Images

WATCH: This Island Is Growing Like Crazy

Japan Coast Guard

Old Graves Found Under Supermarket

Inrap Skeletons
Denis Gliksman/Inrap

Mysterious Coffin Buried Near 'Crooked King' Yields Big Surprise

Double Coffin Richard Iii

FOUND: Ruthless Conqueror's Long-Lost Fortress

Genghis Khan
Wiki Commons

Is This The Smallest Life Form On Earth?

Size Limit Life
Berkeley Lab

New View Of Deep Space Is Best Ever

ESO/MUSE Consortium/R. Bacon

Fido Can't Remember That Game Of Fetch

Happy Dog
Li Kim Goh via Getty Images

First Head Transplants May Be Coming Sooner Than You Thought

Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

This Slow-Mo Explosion Will Blow Your Mind

Firecracker Slow Mo


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'Big Bang Theory' Remembers Leonard Nimoy With Touching Tribute

Big Bang Theory Leonard Nimoy

Are Humans Getting More Intelligent?

College Library
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

Talk Nerdy To Me
What Makes Something Money?

What Is Money
Keren Su via Getty Images

Scientists Make Music Just For Cats

Cat Listening Music
Joyoyo Chen via Getty Images

Lost City Discovered In Rainforest

Lost City
Dave Yoder/National Geographic

Rare Tombstone Unearthed At Site Of Old Parking Garage

Roman Tombstone
Cotswold Archaeology

Astronaut Figures Out Best Way To Scarf A Cheeseburger In Space

Space Cheeseburger

WATCH: The Strange Science Behind #TheDress Debate

Color Dress Science

What A 'Zombie Apocalypse' Can Teach Us About How Diseases Spread

Jay P. Morgan via Getty Images

Do Sad Movies Make Us Fat?

Crying At Movies
uniquely india via Getty Images

Colossal Black Hole Baffles Scientists

Monster Black Hole
Zhaoyu Li/NASA/JPL-Caltech/Misti Mountain Observ.

Scientists Wowed By Hunter's Discovery

Rhino Sasha
Siberian Times

Patient's Teeth Could Be Fix For Common Cause Of Blindness

Mouse Eyeball
Fatima Syed-Picard

Could 3D-Printed Organs Save Lives?

Printed Organs
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

What Happens When You Jump Into A Tub Of Coke Zero With Mentos?