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March 1, 2015

Could 3D-Printed Organs Save Lives?

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Supermassive Black Holes at the Edge of Space and Time

Astronomers have known about these objects for decades, but in the depths of cosmic time, it's hard to understand how they can grow so quickly -- or maybe not!

How Mindfulness Meditation Expands Awareness

Jeremy Woodhouse/Holly Wilmeth via Getty Images

Fido Can't Remember That Game Of Fetch

Happy Dog
Li Kim Goh via Getty Images

The Science Behind Anti-Depressants May Be Completely 'Backwards'

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Scientists Make Music Just For Cats

Cat Listening Music
Joyoyo Chen via Getty Images

First Head Transplants May Be Coming Sooner Than You Thought

Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

WATCH: The Strange Science Behind #TheDress Debate

Color Dress Science

Rare Tombstone Unearthed At Site Of Old Parking Garage

Roman Tombstone
Cotswold Archaeology

Colossal Black Hole Baffles Scientists

Monster Black Hole
Zhaoyu Li/NASA/JPL-Caltech/Misti Mountain Observ.

This Slow-Mo Explosion Will Blow Your Mind

Firecracker Slow Mo

Astronaut Weighs In On Where We Should Colonize, And It's Not Mars

Ron Garan

Patient's Teeth Could Be Fix For Common Cause Of Blindness

Mouse Eyeball
Fatima Syed-Picard

Another Scary Helmet Glitch

Terry Virts

Scientists Wowed By Hunter's Discovery

Rhino Sasha
Siberian Times

Bonanza Of Ancient Crocs Unearthed Overseas

Crocodile Illustration
© Javier Herbozo

More Mysterious Holes Found

Vladimir Pushkarev/The Siberian Times

The First Working Bionic Hands Can 'Do Almost Everything'

Ronald Zak

The Neuroscience Of Marijuana Munchies

Marijuana Munchies
Peter Hince via Getty Images

Simple Change To Road Signs Might Save Countless Lives

Road Signs Action
Mark A. Philbrick/Brigham Young University

NASA Recreates Chilly 'Blue Sunset' On Mars

WATCH: Brilliant Fireball Lights Up Night Sky, Rattles Windows

Fireball Florida

Eating, Sleeping On Schedule May Ward Off Mental Illness

Early Bedtime
Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy via Getty Images

Mummy Found Inside Ancient Statue

Drents Museum


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10 Spock Quotes That Took Us Where No One Has Gone Before

CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

How The World's Largest Hot Desert Fertilizes The Amazon

Sahara Feeds Amazon
NASA Goddard / YouTube

Stephen Hawking: This Could 'Destroy Us All'

Stephen Hawking
Jonathan Short/Invision/AP

'Bionic Eye' Lets Blind Man Sees His Wife For the First Time In A Decade

Bionic Eye
Mayo Clinic/YouTube

New Study Shows Dogs Can Spot A Liar

Suspicious Dog
Richard Clark via Getty Images

'Star Trek' Star Leonard Nimoy Dead At 83

Leonard Nimoy
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

How The Brain Travels Back In Time

Barbara Ferra Fotografia via Getty Images

Mars One Candidate Thinks She Has What It Takes

Kenya Armbrister
Kenya Armbrister

Mysterious Orbs Found On Ocean Floor

Metal Balls
Nils Brenke, CeNak

Brilliant Fireball Lights Up The Sky In Four States

Meteor Pittsburgh

Alien Star Buzzed Our Solar System

Alien Star
Michael Osadciw/University of Rochester

Buzz Aldrin Explains How We Can Move One Step Closer To Mars Colony

Win McNamee via Getty Images

Footage Proves The Elusive Green Sunset Flash Is Real

Sterman Green Flash
Instagram/Eric Sterman

Galaxy's Spiral Arms Twist Out Of Shape In Striking Hubble Photo

Galaxy Merger

PHOTOS: 'Priceless' Sunken Treasure Discovered Overseas

Gold Coins Israel
JACK GUEZ via Getty Images