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July 3, 2015

The End of the Universe: Dependent of Gooeyness?

Big Bang LAGUNA DESIGN via Getty Images

The Big Rip, the Big Crunch, the Big Freeze, it pretty much sounds like a list of 'big' Hollywood B-movies. Funny as they may sound, these are some of the most fundamental theories for the beginning and the ending of the Universe.

After Failures, Critical Supplies Are Finally En Route To The Space Station

Iss Supply Mission

Continents Arose Way Earlier Than We Thought

Continents Earth Oceans
Reto Stöckli, NASA Earth Observatory

Crow Rides On Eagle Like It's No Big Deal

Crow Riding Eagle
Phoo Chan / Mediadrum

This Little Guy Injects Sperm Into Its Own Head, And For A Good Reason

How We Look To Newborn Babies

Newborn Baby Sees
Shutterstock / GTeam

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Yes, The Pope Can Comment On Climate Change

Neil Degrasse Tyson
STAN HONDA via Getty Images

WATCH: Here Are Our Options For Stopping A Killer Asteroid


Eye Color Tied To Risk Of Alcohol Dependence

Blue Eyes

Were We Wrong About Porn 'Addiction?'

Getty Images

Zuckerberg, Hawking Casually Chat About Living Forever

Mark Zuckerberg Stephen Hawking
Tim P. Whitby/David Ramos/Getty Images

Jupiter And Venus Got Cosy Last Night, And It Was Spectacular

Crater Count Yields Big Surprise

Crater Count
Getty Images

The Surprising Science Of Race And Racism

Racism And Race
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Happy Asteroid Day!

Elena Duvernay via Getty Images

Can We Wean Our Future Food Off Antibiotics?

Chicken Production
Shutterstock / Tukaram Karve

The Threat Pretty Women Pose To Men

Athena Image
Getty Images for Victoria's Secr

High Schoolers' Experiment Lost Again In Rocket Explosion


WATCH: SpaceX Rocket Explodes After Liftoff


WATCH: Freaky Vortex Opens Up In Flooded Lake

Fossil Discovery Is Missing Link In Mystery Of Turtle Shell Evolution

Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart

Has NASA Found A Pyramid On Mars?

Mars Pyramid

This Weird Alien World Has A Comet-Like Tail

Comet Planet Discovered
NASA, ESA, STScI, and G. Bacon

Weird Worm Finally Yields Its Secrets

Ancient Worm
Cambridge University


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Scientists: Climate Change Boosts European Heat Waves

Europe Heat Wave
Sean Gallup via Getty Images

Men Are Totally Wrong About Their Math Skills

What Is Sex Like In Outer Space?

Getty Images

Scientist Debunks Star's Anti-Vaccination Tweets

Jim Carrey
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

Scary-Looking Dino-Turtle Freaks Out The Internet

Anastasia Steshina

You Really Want To Know Why We Go Bald?


Here's What Northern Lights Look Like... From Space!

Northern Lights

11 Fun Facts That Prove Octopuses Are All Kinds Of Astonishing

Octopus Jar

Fishermen Accidentially Haul In Huge, Rare Shark

Basking Shark 2
Museum Victoria

In Honor Of Tesla, Photographer Captures Mini Lightning Storms

Marc Simon Frei

Math-Obsessed NFL Player On Why More Kids Don't Share His Passion

George Gojkovich via Getty Images

Bill Gates To Invest Billions In Renewable Energy

Bill Gates Smiling
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

Leonardo Da Vinci's Personal Writings Show Us How A Genius Thinks

Leonardo Da Vinci Codex

Dino Species Found Hiding In Plain Sight

Courtesy of Wits University

Why Send Humans To Space When We Can Send Robots?

Chomsky And Krauss
Origins Project at Arizona State University