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Village Medical Operations in Afghanistan

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Video: VMO, part 1

Village Medical Operations, or VMO's are an essential part of building relationships with local communities and villages here in Afghanistan. VMO's are usually tied into some form of humanitarian assistance, as with this operation in a village outside of Khandahar. All of the medical supplies were donated by the US Air Force; while all of the clothing items were donated by community based collections throughout the United States.

Video: VMO, part 2 Synopsis: The Taliban and insurgent groups fighting here in Afghanistan use the local villages as their source of resupply and operations. They establish these footholds to a large degree by exploiting the fears of local villagers, who are mostly illiterate. As a result, Taliban and insurgent groups directly or indirectly use local villagers as a form of human shield, working to maximize their own propaganda campaign with any resulting civilian deaths or injuries. The state of modern warfare has minimized the civilian "collateral" damage to such a degree, that we have come to expect a measure of perfection that is beyond reasonable. With an enemy that uses civilians as part of their fighting strategy, collateral damage will occur.

Following operations in Panjawi, a young boy was injured. After receiving medical assistance, his father was asked to bring him to the Village Medical Operation in the village outside of Khandahar.

Video: Promotion: Doc Smith
Ritual and ceremony are a important part of military culture, even in a combat zone. These traditions are shared here with the promotion of "Doc" Smith, from Captain to Major. Prior to this promotion ceremony, Major Smith participated in Operation Medusa. For his efforts to save the lives of Canadian, US and coalition soldiers, Major Smith was later awarded the Bronze Star with "V"... "V" standing for valor.

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