Brooklyn Skillshare: Learning, Sharing, Doing

09/26/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Scott Lachut Scott Lachut revels in the minutiae of everyday life, attempting to find beauty in the little details

In the true spirit of DIY culture, skillshares operate under the notion that access to education is a right rather than a commodity and that everyone has knowledge to share, making every individual both a student and a teacher. Their mission is to bring people together and create a reciprocal community based on learning, sharing and doing. A quick internet search reveals groups already formed in both Boston and Austin, but nothing in the NYC environs, until now.


Brooklyn Skillshare's inaugural event will take place October 10th at the Gowanus Studio Space, offering classes on topics that range from kombucha brewing and butter churning to bike repair and screen printing. Organizer Meg Wachter came up with the idea after attending a skillshare in Boston. Noting the endless supply of talent and artistry alive in Brooklyn, she wanted to provide a similar outlet.

The one-day gathering is open to the public and tickets will be available for a sliding scale donation of $10. In an effort to keep costs down and ensure future endeavors, the group will be holding a benefit show and bake sale at Glasslands on August 28th.

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[image via ramsey_everydaypants on Flickr]