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Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer

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The biggest shock in this trailer is that the film lacks the distinctive blue/gray palette of the first film. While the colors are much brighter and richer, the film lacks the distinctive 'art-film haze' of Twilight. New director means new visual style I suppose, but I prefer consistency when I can get it with franchises. Aside from the last shots, there is nothing special about this teaser. That last shot is a doozy, an impressive transformation scene that basically promises fans that 'yes, this time we have an ample special effects budget'. It's not photo-real, but it is a nice bit of cheesy movie magic that is surprisingly effective. I'm assuming that the next trailer will expand a bit, especially regarding the newer characters (such as Graham Greene and Dakota Fanning) and the new bits of mythology. I've never read the books, so this will all be news to me.
Scott Mendelson