10 Things We Learned From NFL Week Two

09/20/2010 11:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

  1. When the NFL encourages players to seek out more opportunities to promote the game by interacting with fans, having a player fling his helmet ten rows into the stands in anger is probably not what league officials had in mind.
  2. Eli Manning will come up with some excuse to miss this year's family Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. Saying Chris Johnson would have had a great day if his 85-yard touchdown run hadn't been called back due to a holding penalty is a bit like saying rich people would have more money if they didn't have to pay taxes.
  4. There's an extremely high correlation between head coaches whose jobs are in jeopardy and those who feel compelled to switch their starting quarterbacks after two games.
  5. On a related note, a head coach who pulls Jason Campbell after 1 1/2 games a season after he's allowed JaMarcus Russell to quarterback his team for half a season should have his head coaching license revoked on the spot.
  6. Forget Vincent Jackson -- if the Vikings want to salvage their season, they should trade for Michael Vick.
  7. Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones should just end the charade and name himself head coach already.
  8. Derek Anderson should never be allowed to start another NFL game. Ever. Any team that violates this edict should immediately forfeit their first-round draft choice for each of the next ten years.
  9. Brian Finneran will not be invited to participate in a slam-dunk competition anytime soon.
  10. Mike Shanahan will pay good money to anyone who can come up with a way to simulate icing a kicker during practice.