NFL Week 2 - Tweet Dreams

09/17/2010 12:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hypothetical tweets from real NFL figures!

r81m (randy moss) Hanging out on Revis Island and thinking about my contract.

Revis24 @r81m Thanks for asking - hammy is fine - bring a book on Sunday! LOL

InesSainzG Waiting in Redskins' locker room to talk with @thecooleyzone, then heading over to NOW awards with Clinton Portis.

RyanGrant25 So, anybody have suggestions for things to do on a Sunday afternoon that don't require much mobility?

reggie_bush It's not an admission of guilt - just gave back the Heisman because it was taking up too much room on my mantle.

MichaelVickZone Just told Kevin Kolb I got this. There won't be a QB controversy in Philly - he'll never play in this town again.

ArianFoster On pace to rush for 3,696 yards and 48 TDs - not bad for an undrafted player, huh?

OGOchoCinco Just messing with my Raven friends on Twitter: @LeRonMcClain33, @23McGahee,

Lfitzgerald11 Trying to decide whether to start Derek Anderson or Max Hall this weekend for my fantasy football team.

JimmyClausen Just saw Matt Moore - slapped him on the head and told him to go get 'em on Sunday!

CJSPILLER Love it when people see "CJ" on Twitter and think of me instead of @ChrisJohnson28.

JCutler6 Hey, @Jknox13 - have been sending you messages, but apparently they've all been intercepted.

JoshCribbs16 Hoping to play some more QB this week since I had the best QB rating on the team for Week 1.

DEZ_88 Roy Williams offered to carry my pads off the field after practice - very classy of him.

TimTebow Wish I were playing more, but at least my jersey's selling well and my hair's growing back!

Nate13Burleson Megatron just finished studying Sunday's gameplan - he's excused from practice and team meetings so that he can read the NFL rulebook.

dwightfreeney Peyton's paying $10K per sack this weekend.

MikeSimsWalker Hoping to catch a pass this weekend.

GatorKing12 (Percy Harvin) Still trying to figure out how Bernard Berrian (@B_Twice) has more followers than I do.

SteveSmith12 Quit asking me about Hakeem Nicks' ankle - I don't know, and I don't care!

A_Cromartie31 How come no one refers to my side of the field as Cromartie Island?

sonofabum (Wade Phillips) You play not to lose the game!

dmcfadden20 So happy to see @michaelbush29 that I gave his left hand a big squeeze!

Hasselbeck Trying to decide whether to start myself or Brett Favre this week for my fantasy football team.