NFL Week 8 - Tweet Dreams (Trick or Tweet!)

10/30/2010 02:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hypothetical tweets from real NFL figures!

@TonyGonzalez88 Roddy White is like Ozzy Osbourne - it's impossible to cover him. #atleastroddyscoherent

@ChrisJohnson28 We have a quarterback controversy - both @VinceYoung10 and Kerry Collins want to be on the bench. #forgetthetitans

@DEZ_88 (Dez Bryant) Roy Williams says Jon Kitna is just as good as Tony Romo - he must have his shoulder pads on a little too tight. #nowthetruthcomesout

@Dhall23 (DeAngelo Hall) I'll have to send @JayCutler6 a postcard from Hawaii in February - he single-handedly put me in this year's Pro Bowl! #favoritetarget #interception

@kbull53 (Keith Bulluck) Since this is our bye week Coach Coughlin's going trick-or-treating as Rex Ryan. #supersizeme

@jmac_18 (Jeremy Maclin) Since this is our bye week Coach Reid's going trick-or-treating as Rex Ryan #loseweightfirst

@Percy_Harvin Brett, I know your ankle's a mess, but would you please stop sending those lewd pictures to my phone?!? #thatswhatjennsaid

@AaronRodgers12 The only thing we have in common with the Jets is that Brett Favre used to play for them too. #enoughalready

@JayCutler6 Aside from the different-colored uniform @Dhall23 (DeAngelo Hall) looks a lot like our receivers. #noexcuse #pickedoffagain

@Kevinsmith34 The good news is we have Matt Stafford back this week. The bad news is we still don't have a defense. #youarentkidding

@reggie_bush Does anyone have @dmcallister's (Deuce McAllister's) number? #noitsgoingtoberetired

@GK_McCoy (Gerald McCoy) Win on Sunday and we're tied for first! #JohnMcKaywouldbeproud

@Jonathanstewar1 As long as our defense holds the other team under ten points, we have a great chance to win. #notaskingformuch

@LarryFitzgerald Why couldn't we have sent a plane for @kurt13warner? #lacksBrettsego

@VernonDavis85 Since we're playing in England, do we have to run all our plays on the left side of the field? #righton

@PeteCarroll Has our money-back guarantee on Marshawn Lynch expired yet? #hopeyoukeptthereceipt

@sj39 (Steven Jackson) Coach Spagnuolo told me I need to amputate my finger if that's what it takes for me to play this weekend. #dontcountonit

@Mark_Sanchez Coach Ryan is out trick-or-treating as The Situation. #flabdomen

@CJSPILLER If Ryan Fitzpatrick's so smart, why can't we win a game? #hedoesntplaydefense

@VontaeDavis21 It's always good to see Dan Carpenter nail a game-winning field goal. #hecelebratesbygettinghammered

@LeighBodden From now on BenJarvus Green-Ellis will take legal action against anyone who refers to him as the "law firm". #ironic

@terrellowens Weren't we supposed to be a Super Bowl contender? #defensedidntgetthememo

@JoshCribbs16 Colt McCoy wants Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace to carry his pads after practice. #reversedez

@tpolamalu Can we please get the same officiating crew we had for last week's game? #afterfurtherreview

@RayRice27 @raylewis52com - don't you think you're getting carried away with this Old Spice thing? #eatyourheartout

@PierreGarcon85 See that guy in the third row? Think he could play wide receiver for us? #walkingwounded

@johnson80 (Andre Johnson) When Coach Kubiak said we need to keep our defense off the field, all our offensive players volunteered to play both ways. #notwhathehadinmind

@kirkmorrison55 We're going to play all 11 guys on the line of scrimmage and dare Matt Cassel to beat us with the pass. #notagoodidea

@dmcfadden20 Al Davis has done an outstanding job this season. #maybehesnotcrazyafterall

@jcharles25 We're treating this game with Jacksonville like a preseason game. #fanswontbehappy

@TimTebow The only player on our team Queen Elizabeth wanted to meet was Eddie Royal. #namegame

@rmatthews24 Weren't we supposed to be a Super Bowl contender? #Norvyourefired