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Five Shamless Sci-Fi Oscar Robberies, Spearheaded by Avatar

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Riding on the back of nine minutes of unseen footage, the special
edition of James Cameron's pioneering 3-D masterpiece Avatar returned
to theaters last week. But billions of dollars and path-breaking
cinematic innovations later, it's hard to ignore the part of Avatar's
comeback that tastes like unadulterated robbery.

Those still defending The Hurt Locker's upset Oscar for Best Picture,
which belonged to Cameron's film using any sensible criteria, are
howling into the cold winds of history. Because that's where defenders
of films like the misogynistic My Fair Lady or neurotic Annie Hall
hang out, convinced that the short list below of genre films that also
became Best Picture losers deserved their fate. They didn't, and
here's why.

Five Shamless Sci-Fi Oscar Robberies, Spearheaded by Avatar
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