12/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wake Up, World! We are Fighting Two Wars Against Al Qaida

More Muslim militant attacks in India? Must mean that Kashmir is still an unresolved issue.

As long as Indian troops are patrolling lands where Muslim insurgents exist and elicit government responses that ostracize the Muslim public and moderates, there will continue to be attacks from terrorist/insurgent groups on Indian soil. Period.

Local Muslim insurgent groups are being trained, armed and supported by Al Qaida, similar to how they were from 2003-2006 in Iraq. Exporting Jihad to fight various causes allows Al Qaida to recruit and spread their insurgency around the world.

This has everything to do with our "War on Terrorism," which we should actually rename "War on Al Qaida." In order to defeat our enemy, we must first understand them.

Al Qaida's mission is to return Muslim lands back to a regional Caliphate who rules through Sharia Law. This is their end state. In order to do this, they've taken on the "far-enemy," the United States and the rest of the West, who through attrition they believe will withdraw support for oppressive local Muslim regimes, or their "near-enemy," so that they can overthrow the governments and install the Caliphate.

Michael Scheuer, in his book Imperial Hubris, details Osama bin Laden's list of 6 anti-Muslim American policies that Al Qaida uses to recruit and fill their ranks. They are:

1) US support for Israel that keeps Palestinians in the Israeli's thrall
2) US and other Western troops on the Arabian Peninsula
3) US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan
4) US support for Russia, India and China against their Muslim militants
5) US pressure on Arab energy producers to keep oil prices low
6) US support for apostate, corrupt and tyrannical Muslim governments

The fact is that most people don't understand that we aren't just fighting one war against Al Qaida, we are fighting two, distinctly different wars. They are:

1) To kill or capture key Al Qaida leaders and members of their existing terrorist cells
2) To stop the Al Qaida Social Movement, which mainly exists within greater Muslim society who see Osama bin Laden as a folk hero, exists online in jihadist websites and continues to fill the ranks of Al Qaida actual

For the past seven years, we have all been fighting the first war with little to no regard for the second war, which is infinitely more dangerous. The danger of not winning the first war is exactly what you saw today with the Mumbai attacks, 9/11, 3/11, London Bombings, etc. At most, the danger is the death of anywhere from 50-3,000 casualties each attack. None of these attacks actually threaten the existence of any nation.

However, lose the second war and you risk alienating and pissing off hundreds of millions of moderate Muslims throughout the entire world. Now instead of having a few thousand potential attackers, you have certain parts of the globe that are no-go zones and have a potential clash of civilizations, as Samuel Huntington calls it.

We must be smart. We must work with local law enforcement and intelligence to kill or capture key terrorist leaders. We must take a look at each of the six anti-Muslim policies and see which ones actually are essential to our Homeland Security, which we must remember is the ultimate goal, and end the ones that we deem are not.

In order to defeat Al Qaida and the global Salafi Jihadist insurgency, which has its hands in Kashmir, we must know our enemy and work intelligently to defeat them.

This takes us back to the issue of Kashmir. Solve this problem, appease local Muslim groups in Kashmir with the help of the Pakistani government, and you will find a similar situation to the Anbar Province in Iraq where local insurgents, who ideally want to put down their weapons and take care of their families and live in peace, actually turn against their Al Qaida supporters.

We must make joining the jihad unnecessary, but in order to do that we must bring in our local Muslim populations, support political reforms in Muslim countries, and make joining the Jihad extremely uncool for unemployed local youths in Muslim countries and ostracized Muslim youth in Western countries.

Most importantly, we must never take our eye off both of our wars with Al Qaida. For, we will never win one in lieu of the other.

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