The Myth Of The 5 Stages of Grief

Mary-Frances Makichen Writer, speaker and meditation coach based in Portland, Oregon.
Jake Melara

10 Ways To Reduce Stress By Decluttering Your Life

Martin Snepp Blogger, spiritual seeker, explorer, traveller and adventurer
Ashim D’Silva

Why We Are So Emotionally Connected To Our Pets

Healthline We want to be your most trusted ally in pursuit of health and ...
Hero Images via Getty Images

12 Text Messages To Send Someone With Cancer

Cara Tompot Social Media Addict, LGBTQ+ Advocate, Feminist, Cancer Activist

Trump Is Exhausting, So Treat Yo' Self

Marisa Bruch Outspeak Contributor, in partnership with The Huffington Post
Mario Tama via Getty Images

It's Time For FDA-Approved Poo

Catherine Duff Founding President of the Fecal Transplant Foundation
Carolyn Edelstein Director of Outreach and Public Affairs, OpenBiome
Gina Mendolia / OpenBiome
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