Dear Soon-To-Be Stepmom To My Sons

Kelly Smith A busy mom, living life one day at a time.
Kelly Smith

My Son's Rare Disease Was A Blessing In Disguise

Shelby Eckard Mother of two spending her days blogging, advocating for PCOS ...
Shelby Eckard

Ho Ho No -- 5 Reasons There's No Santa In Our Christmas

Ashley Doyle Pooser Wife. Mom. Wannabe Writer. Flying by the seat of my pants and ...

Why Believe in Santa? Because Magic is Everything

Carrie Gour Writer, mother, entrepreneur. Owner of Write On Girl Inc.

In (Mild) Defense Of The Elf On The Shelf

M. Blazoned Recovering nail biter. Moon lover. Wannabe Buddhist. Feminist....
JFCreative via Getty Images

How I Chased My Gender Creative Child's Bullies Away

Martie Sirois educator, performer, liberal mom swimming against the tide...

4 Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Daughter's Concussion

Erris Langer Klapper Writer, recovering attorney, mom, wife, chauffeur and chef
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