Why Hong Kong Shouldn't Rush Toward Independence

Chris Patten Last British governor of Hong Kong; Chancellor, Oxford University
Tyrone Siu / Reuters

Trump Could Turn Western Values Into a Facade

Alexander Görlach Visiting scholar, Center for European Studies, Harvard Univers...
Constantin Weiss Editor, Save Liberal Democracy
NurPhoto via Getty Images

To Defeat Populism, Europe Must Offer An Alternative Vision

Guy Verhofstadt Leader of the Liberal and Democrat group in the European Parli...
Ryszard Petru Leader of Poland's opposition party, Nowoczesna
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Westworld: Are Conscious AI Dangerous?

Future of Life Institute Research and initiatives for safeguarding life and developing ...
Photo Credit: John P. Johnson

Hate Crimes? I Believe Britain Is Better Than That

Karolina Kołodziej Head of Public Relations at the Polish Cultural Institute in L...
Tim Ireland/PA WIRE

Farewell Fidel: Castro Dies Aged 90

The Conversation Global The Conversation is a collaboration between editors and academ...
Keystone-France via Getty Images

How Will Khamenei And Trump Deal With Each Other?

Akbar Ganji Dissident Iranian journalist; Intl. Press Association World Pr...
Caren Firouz / Reuters
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