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Serena Norr

Serena Norr

Posted: February 23, 2011 10:48 AM

With the Oscars just a few days away people are thinking about what the stars are going to be wearing and whether or not they can get through the (very) long ceremony. Another thing to think about come Oscar time is what food to serve and I couldn't think of a better food to dish up (or ladle up) than soups. Not your typical Oscar fare, soups are a great way to test out new ingredients and flavor combinations, as well as a great food for sharing. To celebrate the 83rd Annual Academy Awards here are 7 soups inspired by the nominations for Best Motion Picture. Enjoy these award-winning recipes this Sunday at the Oscars.

Black Swan - Detox Soup
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The world of ballet is a tough and competitive as we learned from Black Swan. To stay on top of the game, dancers like Natalie Portman's character Nina have to maintain a fit body by eating light food like this light and healthy detox soup. Created by Seriously Soupy, this cleansing soup contains carrots, apples, ginger and honey to keep any dancer light on her feet.
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